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May 12, 2009
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Mar 3, 1989 (Age: 31)

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PetForums VIP, Female, 31, from uk

    1. noushka05
      He sounds like my Noush - shes so crafty, shes trained me well :D

      Panic over with Merlin:thumbsup:. He'd had a really restless night & when I felt his stomach that following morning he yelped. He was fine the rest of the day but I kept my vet appointment to be on the safe side. The vet gave him a good going over & thinks it was colic. He suggested trying gaviscon twice a day. So hes alright now thanks Katie :)

      Glad to hear all's well with you and yours. Take care xx
    2. noushka05
      Glad its not just me then :D

      LOL He is a clever kitty - it sounds like hes training you Katie :D

      Merlin wasn't very well yesterday so i booked him in the vets for this morning - he seems alright now though. But we're still taking him just to be on the safe side. Allotments - same lol

      Hope you & your gang are still well, have a lovely day Katie xx
    3. noushka05
      Hiya Katie, no you're certainly not alone :D Often when I read back something I've written, I think well that doesn't even make any sense! So if I cant even make sense of it theres no hope for anyone else hahaa. I'm such a turnip! lol

      Hes so full of character- I think they'd love him! :) Hes very beautiful as well. Thank you for sharing your video with me, its lovely. Your little furry family are gorgeous Katie & they look so happy :) xx
    4. noushka05
      Aw please don't apologise Katie, I'm always reading things wrong - AND writing them wrong come to that! lol I rush everything, that's my trouble lol

      Yes, I'm determined to get it sorted out, ive just bought some butternut squash, chard, purple sprouting broccoli & some black kale seeds, so have to get it all prepared asap- . I will keep you updated :)

      You ought to film Smokeys antics & send them to You've Been Framed Katie - he'd be a star :D

      Really glad you've had a nice day, hope you have lovely week too xx
    5. noushka05
      No I said allotments 'not' going great Katie:D Its a right weedy mess haha
      I was going to go today but never got time. Its been beautiful weather today for allotmenteering as well:D Will try again tomorrow - maybe lol If not, weather permitting, i'll go up at the weekend.

      Funny Smokey:D What is it about cats and boxes? Sid our stray loves them! & my MIL cat does too lol

      I have had a nice day thank you, taking the dogs out in the sunshine was the best bit, it was lovely. Hope your day has been a good one too :)
    6. cheekyscrip
      thank you we are well, very sad about what happened at Crufts...how are you ,lil hooligans..and how is your literary carrier?
    7. noushka05
      Eyup Katie! :)

      We're not bad this end thank you. What about you & yours? Whats that mischievous little Smokey been up to? lol

      Allotments not going great if im honest :D I intended to go up yesterday but it started chucking it down with rain! I have to get it all sorted soon, I have so much to do on it & I'm determined to grow more this year (if they survive lol)
    8. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, finding destiny sounds really good, my type of book.
      yes, having the garden to ourselves is wonderful, what a change. max is loving it.
      max was at vet for his check-up, vet is pleased with him, great news, eh.
      am going to grow herbs and maybe even a little veg, wish me luck.
      take care, f.b.l.
    9. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      oh sorry, a late happy birthday. great news on your e-book. i don't have a kindle etc..... so rely on hardback or paperback. what was your story about? my sister roseanna was named after my mother and my aunt, it's a wonderful name. whose baby is it in the photo, she's absolutely beautiful? things have started to slow down a bit now, what with the flitting and max being ill. starting to really enjoy new home. having my own garden is great, although it's small, it suits us. have garden at front door, right round side of house and is very secure, high fence and thick hedge too, all secure for max.
    10. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi katie, just popped by to wish you well. max is looking well and has gained weight, nearly back to his normal self i am glad to tell you. he now gets a 20min walk per day now. so i really think vet removed all the cancer.
      hows you and all the family and pets?
    11. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi katie i'm back, hope you and yours have been well. a very late happy new year. iv'e posted a thread on dog chat, that will explain whate's been happening. take care.f.b.l. x
    12. ForestWomble
      Your welcome :)
      I'm OK thanks and so are my pets. Hope you and your pets are good :)
    13. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Cool, has baby got a name yet? Been a long day, I'm knackered! Bagpuss is curled up on the sofa.
    14. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Sister and baby are doing well thank you - huge congratulations to you too! Hope all is well! :) xxxx
    15. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Aw thank you! :) xxx
    16. Flamingoes
      Hey lovely,

      Sorry for the late reply; things have been very up in the air lately!!

      We're thanks hen, how's you and yours?

      Lots of love xxxx
    17. noushka05
      I'll keep trying anyway:D My relation gave me some good advice about my soil yesterday, so hopefully once ive improved that i'll be much more productive.
      The Shads & Noush ,+ the other 2, do make me smile - theres rarely a dull moment with them that's for sure lol Bet its the same for you with your little gang as well:)

      Haha aww I bet Jessie was so proud of her 'find':D I wouldn't have had the heart to take it off her either Katie lol

      Weather looks promising again this morning - hope its going to be a nice day for you too. Have a lovely weekend Katie & take care xx
    18. moggiemum
      hi katie we ok very tired atm not not been on check out littlemiss susiesunshine and the ankhstars fb page ,- its open to all , updates on there , will try to catch up here soon , best wishes to you nd family anfd furries too :) xxx
    19. noushka05
      Yes I will do, hopefully I'll be a bit more successful next year lol

      Thank you about the photo Katie, I love those two rascals to bits!:p. Although they are sisters they have very different personalities , and Indi's nature was much more like Shadow's than Noushka's - she was a little darling, Noush is a delinquent I think!:D

      LOL hope Jessie had fun with her Christmas prezzy! You'd better find a better hiding place Katie or its gunna cost you a fortune replacing them:D

      Its been an ok sort of day, the weathers been nice here again. Hope your days been a good one?
    20. noushka05
      Thank you Katie. I shall keep persevering with it:D

      LOL at Smokey! At least he improved on his previous vet visit then. hehe
      Shadow is a sweetie Katie, she loves people, she especially loves babies and kids. And shes very cuddly, she always wants to snuggle up to me when i'm on the settee. Noush is normally very bolshy but not at the vets anymore - I dont think shes forgotten being left there to be spayed lol Shes a funny pup is our Noush:D This is a recent photo of them - camping under the apple tree. Shads is the one on the chair lol


      My weeks been ok so far lol Hows yours been? xx
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    Mar 3, 1989 (Age: 31)
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