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Jun 7, 2013
Jul 15, 2009
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Jun 7, 2013
    1. Kalipha
      She's doing better. The runs aren't going away but she seems calmer and is happy enough with Lizward atm it seems. I just don't have the facilities for her and her illness made me worried for my own little girl :( We may be looking for a forever home for her in spring.
    2. Cat_Crazy
      So sorry to hear that you are having to re-home Meeka, lets hope this girl finds her forever home soon, poor thing has been passed around so much.

      How is she doing at the moment?
    3. Jen26
      Hiya, are you still looking to adopt a kitten ? A friend of mine is fostering a litter and is struggling to find good homes for them. She is in staffordshire
    4. Miss.PuddyCat
      I'm sorry for taking it off topic :(

      I wish you good luck with your kitten and future furry member! :)

      Thank you for the rep:)
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    Lily - silver Egyptian Mau
    Jasper - Burmese X moggy - missing! :(
    Electra - silver Egyptian Mau
    (Truffles - chocolate tortie syrian hammy - bye little one, I miss you)
    And 6 little balls of silver spotty fluff! OMG KITTENZ etc
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