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Jun 16, 2012
Apr 28, 2010
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PetForums Senior, from Brum

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Jun 16, 2012
    1. Shelley Cat Lover
      Shelley Cat Lover
      Thanks lots for the rep :D X
    2. rona
      Good luck for tomorrow
    3. MissBethM
      Thanks for your Tilly well wishes Kaitlyn :) I'm feel so positive tonight, I can't wait to get the little babe home sometime soon hopefully xx
    4. hobbs2004
      Was going to rep you for your positive vibes but have repped too much today. So you get a smiley instead :)
    5. hobbs2004
      Thanks for the rep!
    6. hobbs2004
      No worries and you are not a pest! I am a sucker for cat food nutrition and food labels - so don't mind sharing me knowledge at all!
      Yup, I believe Grau is one of the few UK available brands that are single animal meat. Only issue is the rice but it is only 4% and I wouldn't worry about that (unless of course your cat has got a rice allergy but that is quite uncommon - allergies to other grains is more usual). Just holler if I can help!
    7. hobbs2004
      The pate cat food I was thinking of you cannot get in shops. There is an online shop that sells Grau (zooplus), which is a pure meat food, with a little rice. So, their lamb only contains lamb, not some other animal meat too. I was thinking of another German cat food that I have got here that is similarly only one animal meat and no rice.
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    Hi im Kait, had cats ever since i was born but never had one to call my very own.. hopefully thats all changing in a few weeks :D

    Live with my boyfriend, his son and their staffy Cassie and tortie Tiggr. They're both keeping my on my toes and its great :D

    Our new additions are Nibbles and Midnight the Gerbils and my gorgeous little black kitten Harley the cuddle monster :)

    Looking after our animals.
    Playing on PS3.
    Attempting to grow things (and failing)
    Looking after my family :D
    Walking, Photography, collecting fairies, crystals.


    Our Little Zoo
    Mummy to Harley - Black Moggie & Marley and Moe - Bearded Dragons
    Stepmum to Tiggr - Tortie Moggie & Cassie - Staffy
    Part time mum to Nibbles and Midnight - OH & his son's Gerbils
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