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Feb 26, 2020
Mar 5, 2010
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Basingstoke, UK
Fire Protection Engineer

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PetForums VIP, Female, from Basingstoke, UK

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Feb 26, 2020
    1. Dan_and_the_baxter
      Hello :o) Mum was a ruby and Dad was Black and tan :o) I am a big fan of cav's
    2. lucyandsandy
      Hi, thanx for the friend request. I have only just noticed, still trying to get the hang of this site as there seems to be so much of it everywhere!
    3. Cockerpoo lover
      Cockerpoo lover
      Thanks for the rep :-)
    4. babycham2002
      Cavalier Dog Models, Jewellery, Gifts and Ornaments
      cavalier ring clip
    5. beary_clairey
      I think the breeder will give you lots of advice that you need. I know lots of cavaliers and they are all very sweet and good natured.

      Whether the judges prefer Blenheims - I dont know!
    6. beary_clairey
      Truthfully, I don't show my dogs.

      I have seen more Blens in my time than other colours. Tri's and Ruby's seem to be rarer!

      I love my tri and knew I wanted a Tri after we lost Honey!
    7. beary_clairey

      I dont think they are more mad than blenheims! Lilly is my second cavalier, my first was a blenheim called Honey.

      In some ways they are the same and others very different.

      I think Lilly picked up some traits from my collie before he died which make her a bit independent, she loves big dogs and she adores chasing a ball!

      Go for it get a tri.....:0)
    8. northnsouth
      I wish I could travel or at least had the money to. There are so many places I would go to..
    9. northnsouth
      No it is rhyming slang ..... north n south ..mouth. I am gobbie!!
    10. Tanya1989
      Thanks for the blob :)
    11. Stellabella
      Hi! How is Holly now, is she all recovered after her attack? :)
    12. Stellabella
      Wow! That is weird!

      Louis is neutered, but likes a sniff or two...Asha is a nymphomaniac, she's always trying to hump him! I couldn't be doing with keeping them apart - easier to have all girls. But it's great having a Lou around, at least he's a gentleman :lol: Can't have Asha spayed as her heart is too bad :(
    13. Stellabella
      Ohh, bless her! I hope it soon gets better, if she's anything like mine she'll love all the extra fuss :D We're taking Stella to the stud this weekend sometime, when the time is right. He's a ruby, so she should get both wholecolours in the litter, though there's parti's on both sides :)

      You'd have to have a b/t too to complete the collection tho ;)
    14. Stellabella
      I'd love a tri...and a blen....but I'm holding out for a ruby bitch. Hoping to breed one for myself this time round if Stella obliges ;)

      Some dog bit her?? What happened, hope she's not hurt too badly?! :eek:
    15. Stellabella
      Thank you! I'm an addict lol! Your Holly is so pretty too, how old is she? x
    16. Cavalierlover123
      She's still very young ! Cassie would have been three in March, Pippa is 2 in April :)
    17. Cavalierlover123
      Thanks very much ! :) Its lovely having two, watching them play and enjoy each others company. Unfortunately I only have one now, Poor Cassie my two year old Blenheim was hit by a car 3 weeks ago :(Still very upset about it ! you should defiantly get another, there so addictive :)
    18. Cavalierlover123
      Holly is gorgeous !! :)
    19. Fleur
      Just wanted to say I'm off on holiday tomorrow for a week, so I'll catch up with everyone when I get back about the New forest walk.
    20. Tula&Iver~cavs
      Thanks :) the one on my profile is Iver and the one my posts is Tula. Iver looks very much like your one he is 2 but still looks like his 11months (puppy face)
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    Basingstoke, UK
    Fire Protection Engineer
    Cat Guardian to Shadow (BSH) and Nala (BLH)


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