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May 6, 2016
Oct 5, 2012
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United States

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PetForums VIP, from United States

I'm so sorry I haven't been on the forum lately and replying to your messages. I'm ok but tired of working the long, hard hours. :( May 6, 2016

K9Steve was last seen:
May 6, 2016
    1. K9Steve
      I'm so sorry I haven't been on the forum lately and replying to your messages. I'm ok but tired of working the long, hard hours. :(
      1. colliemerles likes this.
    2. colliemerles
      hey long time no see, hope you and the family are well. xx
      1. K9Steve likes this.
      2. K9Steve
        Hey, so sorry in replying. Working hard, long days so I don't get to the forum because I'm so tired.
        May 6, 2016
    3. moggiemum
      aww bless i do think about you a lot i mean to send you message then i forget i hope you and family are all ok , speak soon xx
    4. moggiemum
      hey hope you ok steve , havent seen you on for a while big hugs xx
    5. loubyfrog
      Glad you are focusing on the positives Steve and that a lot of people on here are here for you.Hope your getting support close to home too...we try our best to be there for you but sometimes a good ol hug makes us feel that little bit better.Enjoy your weekend Steve.xx
    6. loubyfrog
      Hugs Steve. xxx
    7. loubyfrog
      Please don't think I was thinking of you when I posted on any old crap thread,was about a group who like to target one member and close down their threads....I love your posts steve so please don't think I was referring to you.
      Plus I need your help in hunting TT down...I think the rat may be holding her hostage...lol
    8. Hanwombat
      Why thank you - your cats are also beautiful and fluffy
    9. tillysdream
      Thank you for the friendship request! :D
    10. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      It sounds as if you have always got your hands full Steve! A bit like me over here but I enjoy being busy! x
    11. Silver Jill
      Silver Jill
      Hello Steve ~ thanks for your messages in Games! I hope that you are keeping well and happy! Best Wishes across many miles SJ x
    12. moggiemum
      hi there, on silly phone at present but hopefully getting broadband soon, cred done on dongle , see you in games soon, some new ones ,very hard:)
    13. moggiemum
      glad u safe and well :)
    14. moggiemum
      how are you now . has the weather calmed down yet , i do hope so x
    15. colliemerles
      hello nice to hear from you, hope your all well, xx
    16. moggiemum
      just seen u message hope u and daughter ok, im on mobile so posting not good, sending good vibes .
    17. moggiemum
      just made me laugh, 4am rolls ,wot with ham and cheese in......;)
    18. moggiemum
      nite nite friend, my companion for the evening sleep well x
    19. Rolacolacube
      Sorry sweet. I'm here. Been a tough few months. You ok?? xx
    20. K9Steve
      hi, it has been really warm and sunny here; already got sun burn because I was outside working on a bunch of things and didn't reapply any sun screen/tan lotion. OUCH!!! Glad to hear things are well with you! :)
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    United States
    I live in rural, south-central Pennsylvania.
    I own seven dogs and two cats.
    I volunteer at my local animal shelter/rescue.

    Dogs, cars, computers, reading, and sports.


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