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Feb 27, 2019
Jan 3, 2009
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Surrounded by 4 leggeds !!!!!

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PetForums Member, from Surrounded by 4 leggeds !!!!!

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Feb 27, 2019
    1. VanessaD
      Hi Julie!! i've lost my old log in details!! i was wondering how Tammy tutu was getting on and if you had some updated pics for me to see her? From Missymoo(Vanessa) x
    2. dunnytoz
      Hi, My mum has just bought a shephard and it has the exact same thing with the noise in the throat and inflating neck, the vet said he could find nothing wrong. could you please let me know if you sorted it out or know what it is.
      thanks in advance
    3. tinamary
      She is not showing any more signs of fits or illness at all. I rang the vet yesterday to tell her i had not managed to get a sample yet as i had a really stressful weekend (brother in law on life support) She said not to worry and leave it until she has another episode if i wanted.
    4. tinamary
      How strange, i must of been thinking about you at the same time you posted. I worry about the little un all the time, hopefully it is just a water infection like you say. Thats what the vet seems to think.
      Sorry to hear that you have not had a very good time of it lately. If there is anything we can do to help please let me know.
      Tills is perfect and i am still sooooooo pleased you let us adopt her, she has been a little love and still makes me laugh every day at some of the things she gets up to. Craig is her biggest fan i think, but its mutual. She is a proper Daddys girl.
      Im really glad you kept Chloe as she really deserved the best after what she had gone through.
      I will let you know what happens at the vets as soon as i know
      Tina x
    5. ShannonLouise.
      Hi, i have just read all the pages of Chloes thread! I mean you are a life saver for her :). Had you kept her? x
    6. Missymoo
      Hi Julie hope Tammy tutu is ok looking forward to seeing some pics xx
    7. animallover111
      Can not believe it have you seen the thread in breeding another pregnant spaniel for sale!!!!!!!!!
    8. animallover111
      Morning.....no thank you....firstly for saving Chloe and her pups....and secondly we used your words in the petition.........some of the members have been great offering lots of support...other sadly have not!!!the petition is in general and its called chloe's petition it should be up near the top.....we have 6 months to get as many signatures as possible....i am also going to see my local mp next month to speak to him directly about chloe's petition.....im much better at explaining face to face and i wont let him fob me off!!!!xxxxx
    9. animallover111
      Hi just to let you know we have got Chloe's petition up and running.......thank you for all your help.....just hoping to make people aware and hopefully get the right people listening....xxx
    10. kiera09
      Hiya, Hope everything's ok? Hows Tammy doing? I dnt mean to pester u either-sorry! I'd love to know how ur getting on? xx
    11. Missymoo
      Sorry dont mean to pester Julie but im a little worried i've had no reply? xx
    12. kiera09
      Hiya, how are you? Has she had the pups yet? xx
    13. Missymoo
      Hi Julie did you get my pictures ok????
    14. Missymoo
      Hey Julie!! How's Tammy? xx
    15. kiera09
      Hiya, I'm so happy she's got the kind,lovin home she deserves! Is she due today? Let me know how she gets on! Did u say anything to the owners?I wld of! It's disgusting wot she's doing. I defo think she's younger, xx
    16. kiera09
      Hiya,sorry- I havn't got time to read through the thread but is that the chloe that was pregnant and was being sold for £750?If so I'm so glad you've got her! She looks so healthy and happy-I wasn't sure if that was the right chloe as she looks very young!How old is she-she's gorgeous! x
    17. Missymoo
      Ooh yes forget to tell you she knows sit!! she picked that up so quick!! i think the ham helped hehe!! glad things are going well :D :D xx
    18. Missymoo
      Hey Julie!! how's Tammy doing?? xx
    19. Missymoo
      Thank you for the update Julie!!
      Im so pleased Tammy tu tu is settling in nicely : )
      Thanks to you Kyle has taken the story well and has said this morning wheres my doggy.. Oh yes shes with her mummy cos she missed her!! hehe thanks again!! and thank you for making this as easy as it could be for us!!
      x x x
    20. tinamary


      She is the most beautiful little thing. We love her to bits. She makes us laugh at the antics she gets up to every day. I am going to post soon with some piccys but when i tried to it said that they were too big and im useless with comps.
      We have a new comp now and craig has been trying to get some photos done for you. Its funny i was going to email you yesterday but got waylaid.

      My son is home from the army with a dislocated thumb. He cannot leave his mum whatever he does. lol

      Im glad Chloe will be staying and she has a really good home. Tilly is so much like her and so pretty.

      Tilly hurt her leg the other day jumping off the bed playing with my sons dog. We let her on the bed until she falls to sleep. (watches tele) Then I put her on her bed. She sleeps next to me in the bedroom and gets on the bed for a cuddle in the morning. She thought she would chase Ginger dog when she jumped off. Craig and I were both shaking as she yelped and we had never heard her cry before. She is fine and nothing is broken, she is running around like anything again but it did shake us up.

      She has grown so much and is now attending training classes. She shows me up every week lol as she does everything she is not supposed to do. It is such good fun and we will get it eventually. The more trying we do the closer we will get. (if that could be possible)

      We have got her to wee when we ask her (only because she loves sausages) and she is really good in the house and on the lead.

      Its a shame Chloe cannot have anymore because I would love more of her pups tomorrow. (not sure craig would agree)

      As i said i will send you some photos.
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    Surrounded by 4 leggeds !!!!!
    Dogs, dogs, dogs .... oh and Mark occasionally !!!!
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