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Feb 10, 2012
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Scotland, Glasgow

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PetForums VIP, from Scotland, Glasgow

    1. ouesi
      Thanks for the rep. Yeah yeah.... you were right, I was wrong :p
    2. lilythepink
      ta for the reps
    3. lilythepink
      ta for rep......I am quite smitten with bull breeds too
    4. simplysardonic
      I've been applying for anything from cleaning, working in a supermarket, admin, lab technician, ideally it will be in the animal care sector but I'm not too choosy right now as I just need a proper income, then I can concentrate on finding my dream job :)
    5. simplysardonic
      Heya, good to see you back, only recently come back from a short break myself! We're all fine thanks, still trying to find work- 15 months & counting :( but apart from that the dogs & the rest of the crew are all as loopy as ever :D hope you & yours are well too xx
    6. Dogless
      Same as....wrestling and sleeping, not forgetting eating!! x
    7. Dogless
      Welcome, hope all good with human and dog! x
    8. CaliDog
      Thank you for the rep
    9. chichi
      Oh I know, it was all something and nothing. For me it was over that argument with BB for spilling the beans about Tink's Magazine Article (which actually led to Tink's name). I just thought that was wrong. Tashi explained though that she knew something was up but didn't have time to read through the threads (she had important stuff going on IRL) and sort out the argument, so gave the pair of us "time out" ... Then Tink goes and gets herself banned anyway....so all a waste of time sticking up for her really. Oh well :)
    10. chichi
      Lol....I couldn't believe getting a ban :o Was proper shocked but on the plus side, my profile page has become the place to be....over 100 views since I was banned. Well, I am now famous. Yayyyyyyy :lol:
    11. chichi
      Thank you for the rep JS. Very kind of you :) x
    12. Flamingoes
      No bother at all lovely xxxxx
    13. Flamingoes
      Oh god no please don't think you'd upset me!

      I'm not designed that way at all! I can laugh at anything and best of all at myself :D

      The key (I've always thought) to mental health is if you can't look back and laugh and also laugh at yourself at the time then you ARE buggered.

      You wont upset me, please never ever worry xxxxx
    14. Meezey
      I wonder about people I really do, thoughts like that are why dogs are in so much trouble! People are just weird lol
    15. moggiemum
      me too, but not sneaky ,he just thinks we are all awesome on here, lol
    16. Howl
      Thank you x
    17. moggiemum
      ladyshape:) that made me smile, i d rep u again but i think you gotta spread the love ,lol :), i usually forget what i d given them for:(
    18. pogo
      thanks for the rep :) x
    19. myshkin
      Thanks for the rep...two horrible extremes, I thank my lucky stars I don't have to deal with teaching a little person the line to walk!
    20. Kitty_pig
      it is a bit bleeding eye inducing isnt it :lol: nay probs xxx
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    Scotland, Glasgow
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