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Sep 27, 2010
Jun 16, 2009
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Sep 27, 2010
    1. candysmum
      s11 and Miasmum So sorry for the late reply i haven't been on here so such a long time. Rollo is fine he now lives with his brother as the owner that took him couldn't cope he came home and the couple that now have him asked to take him on as they had experience with deaf dalmatians he is doing wonderfully well. All puppies have been spayed as has candy. I'm glad my thread has helped so many of you all! x
    2. nhamblin84
      Having two is definitely hard work!!! Its not just double the work probably tripple lol! But we love them to bits and wouldnt change them for the world. Beagle love is the best xx Having two definitely means they keep each other company x
    3. sarybeagle
      aw thankyou, sorry all very new to this forum layout and only just saw this.

      She is too cute for words :D she is just over 9 weeks and such a character xxx
    4. nhamblin84
      Hello!!! Puppy id lovely!!! We have two beagles who are 8 months old now! Lovely pictures on the forum! x
    5. rsturdy
      I know that feeling Maisy has a mad 1/2 hour when all she wants to do is chew my hand off, does Wilson do the same?? They're the same age how ace! We should keep in touch and share progress lol! She's having her second job sunday and cant wait to be able to take her for walks and get rid of some of that energy! Been practising on the lead in the house but she just seems to find it more fun to lie on her back and chew it at the mo!!xxx
    6. rsturdy
      Thanks for the message - i know the still moments are very rare he he! how old is yours?? Maisy is coming up for 11 weeks now and we're having all the usual puppy problems lol!x
    7. hollie.hocks
      Ah, we met her at Crufts, it was so lovely to meet Alf's dad! I'll have to go on her site and look them up. We don't see that many around here, we live in Southampton, we are taking Alf drag hunting soon (Working Section) I can't wait to watch him run round with the other Beagles. Another really good sight is Life with Beanie the Beagle. They are another two Redcap Beagles. I've become a bit obsessed since we got Alf, he's taken over our life... def for the better! It's a good way of getting to know people, but I guess to be honest, I know most of the dog names but not the owners! x
    8. Jules11
      lol it's a small world in the land of Beagles. Wilsons dad is Rossut Sorcerer and his mum is Redcap Fair Dinkum aka Sheila. I dont know any other Beagle owners :( except for Wilsons breeder, very very nice lady...we went down to Portland many times this summer (4 hours each way :o ) so we could see our baby grow in the early days as we didnt want to miss out on anything lol. Actually, i barely know any other dog owners at all....hopefully that will change once i can take him out to the park :D Where abouts are you? x
    9. hollie.hocks
      Alf's a redcap too, his dad is Sheriff (Redcap Renaissance). Yes he always starts off curled up but inevitably ends up on his back, legs akimbo! He's 20 months now, but he's still our little pup! We got him from Verwood, Dorset, they had used Sheriff as a stud for their bitch, Bonnie (Bournehouse Chance to Dream). Do you know many people who have Beagles? x
    10. Jules11
      Hiya...Thanks.....he's a Redcap Beagle from Portland (nr Weymouth)
      I see from you pic that mine is not the only Beagle that loves lying on his back lol
      Alfie looks soooo cute, how old is he now?
      I'll put some more pics when i can work out how to post them! x
    11. hollie.hocks
      Ah, what a cutie! Where did you get him from? x
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