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Feb 28, 2015
Jan 2, 2009
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Feb 28, 2015
    1. Devil-Dogz
      are you still around!!! I need to see your posts again!!
      Merry Christmas you old grump, where are you ???
    3. sequeena
      Come back soon!
    4. Mum2Alfie
      Hey hun, missing you!!! Hope you come back soon. Xxx
    5. tiddlypup
      thankyou x
    6. sequeena
      No worries! I can only imagine how frustrating it is! :( I've learnt a lot from you over the last year or so and I'm much better off for it :D Go clear your head and come back when you're ready, don't worry about flouncing off we've all had our moments :lol: You are very valued here though and it would be a terrible shame to lose you! There's not many people here who have a clue!

      Oh I just had a brilliant idea. Get a crate of orijen and send the bill to the numpties :thumbup: The rescue dogs will be happy in mind, body and spirit then! Perhaps they'll even find God! :D
    7. sequeena
      Well said on the Dr John Dog thread!! Such a shame I missed it!!
      I hope you're getting a crate of orijen in from people with high horses!! :D
    8. Aurelia
      We can hope :D
    9. Aurelia
      You're so right. It is such a shame people just don't get it :( But hey ho ... some of us care enough to try and make a difference :D
    10. dobermummy
      isnt it funny that we get so happy when our rescues trash our house or chew holes in things it makes us so happy, it shows how crazy we really are :lol::lol:
    11. dobermummy
      yep, thought i had better change my name lol

      he is now so full of life, the first week he was here i was so worried about him, he didnt eat, all he did was sleep, be sick and have diarrhea. the vets said it was 50/50 depending on if he had the fight in him and thankfully he did :D

      the others love him so he is happily part of my pack now and i honestly couldnt imagine not having him, tho he is a handful and i can see he is going to be the devil puppy :lol::lol:

      how is norris now? all settled and putting on weight?

    12. dobermummy

      how are you and your gang?
    13. RAINYBOW
      My little one is insisting on Fish and Chips tomorrow and its the best ever where we are going so won't be able to refuse, will have to live on salad and cup a soup for a week after
    14. RAINYBOW
      Good thanks xx The first stone is always a great achievement, the 2nd one is usually a bit harder but will come off no worries ;0) I am back on the wagon now and have shifted just over half a stone, feels better already xx Off camping for the night, hoping it doesn't pour because the trailer tent leaks LOL x
    15. Tanya1989
      hehe, I don't know how I manage to keep my mouth shut sometimes.
    16. Tanya1989
      Thanks for the rep
    17. JSR
      Ohhh I've always wanted a dobie!! Fingers crossed it works out. I'm not around after 4 today for a week or so, having time off from paid work, rescue work and computers of any kind and just spending the days with the horse and dogs. So I'll catch up when I get back and hopefully hear all the good news!!
    18. dobermummy
      lol, its a little dobermann puppy (not sure if its a x or not) that my oh's work mate who bought him in the pub last night from the local smack head :mad:

      oh's mate took him home and his girlfriend went mad coz it pooped in the house and now refuses to let it in and said it can live in their garage and be a gard dog :mad: :mad:

      oh is going when he finishes work to get him coz im not allowed after the phone call to them i made when i first found out about it :o

      ive not seen him yet so thats all i know, except that he will be very loved and looked after here, already decided to call him mouse :thumbup:

      im so excited....
    19. dobermummy
      i think i'm officially crackers...

      we might be getting a new addition tonight if things go well :o

      (fingers crosses, not said anything to others yet just in case)
    20. hutch6
      Erm, oooooops. Surely they can't ignore that?
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