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Jul 7, 2018
Mar 10, 2012
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April 7
Manchester, UK
Support Worker (Learning Disabilities) and Student

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Master of the Whingey Cat., from Manchester, UK

JordanRose was last seen:
Jul 7, 2018
    1. Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Mummy of Jaffe Joffer
      Thanks for the rep and you are more than welcome :-D
    2. sarahecp
      Hi Jordan,
      Hope you and the gorgeous Spooks are well.
      Not sure if you've looked on the Cat Chat website, here's a link to their pedigree adoption page.
      Cat Breeds Rescue Centres and Pedigree Cats for Adoption
      Good luck in your search for the purrfect companion for Mr Spooks.
    3. Treaclesmum
      Hi JR thanks for the message about the Persians :) I'm not yet sure really due to my Dad and it would need to be indoor/outdoor with a secure garden! I would like one older if I do get a 3rd cat, 4 years would be nice, as my 2 are quite young :) It would all depend what type of cat would get on best with mine :)
    4. Rolacolacube
      You are very welcome sweetie. I love your creations. You are one talented girly xx
    5. Louiseandfriends
      I have Bernie's buns on there too. :D

      That's good. Yeah, it's gonna be a pain for all of the animals. :( I'm okay thanks and so are all of the furries for once! Except Kitty has been acting weirdly. :/

      How are your furries? :D xx
    6. Louiseandfriends
      Thanks, Vicki has just put them up. They look lovely. :D How are you doing? xx
    7. Louiseandfriends
      Heyyy! I've used the photo of Flix and Gaga on our blog Pets In Paradise I've credited you of course. I hope it's okay, VM me if it's not and I'll take it down. :) xxx
    8. dougal22
      :( I'm out of rep for today, otherwise would have repped you for your post on the cuddles thread. I can't believe the OP, so irresponsible :(
    9. simplysardonic
      Teehee thanks for the rep :D
    10. lymorelynn
      I'll have a look. There are a lot of stickies at the start of general and it may get lost
    11. New Puppy Mum
      New Puppy Mum
      Whens the poll on the bunny comp gonna start? xx
    12. laurajane92
      Hello, I gave in and joined the forum :p xx
    13. Lunabuma
      They're a year old on 4th August so very nearly nearly a year. Time flies!
    14. Lunabuma
      Thanks for the lovely comments, they look so young now in some of those photos.
    15. Lunabuma
      Thanks for joining the group :) I feel quite excited at the prospect of having extra Mr Spooks photos here.
    16. RabbitMonster
      No, I didn't, but I do now! :lol: Just exposed wood furniture or covered furniture like couches too?
    17. RabbitMonster
      I'm '91 so exactly a year difference! We are epic :D

      Furniture? Ohh my good god... :lol:
    18. RabbitMonster
      What year were you born? It would be insanely freaky if we were born the same year :blink:

      I was just curious cus I didn't know if you could keep them indoors. I always thought they had to be outside, but I thought that was quite cruel, especially on cold nights. I love to get another bun or two but it sounds like they cause a lot of damage if they're indoors! What kind of damage did they do?
    19. RabbitMonster
      Heya, just came on your page and the first thing I noticed is we have the same birthday! :eek:

      Also, just a quick question, do you keep your bun buns indoors?
    20. Cookieandme
      No problem thank for looking
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    April 7
    Manchester, UK
    Support Worker (Learning Disabilities) and Student
    Jordan: Owned by Flix and Lady Gaga (the bonkers babbities) and Sir Spookington SpookyCat, my noisy Siamese master...

    Volunteering within the community: disability awareness, special educational needs, wildlife conservation...

    Arty fartiness

    Animals (obviously)

    Studying- the story of my life! ;)



    The Madhouse: Spooks Cecil Reggie Bertie Sylvie Flix Gaga
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