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Jul 7, 2018
Mar 10, 2012
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April 7
Manchester, UK
Support Worker (Learning Disabilities) and Student

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Master of the Whingey Cat., from Manchester, UK

JordanRose was last seen:
Jul 7, 2018
    1. Cheryl89
      Thank you my lovely :) it's much better today Hun I can't wait to get the poxy cone off :( xxxx
    2. Aurelie
      Good Luck today, enjoy being Senior Adviser - I'm sure you are just the person for that job!
      As soon as we get back with him I'll get my camera ready!
    3. Aurelie
      Tomorrow afternoon!! So excited!!! :D
    4. ljs85
      Hey mrs! Bloomin BF is being a nuisance and is saying he would prefer a less cartoony one (at this rate he'll be drawing them!)

      Sorry, but thanks anyway
    5. ljs85
      Thanks for getting back to me so quick! The BF's not in at the moment but I'll show him tonight (finger's crossed).
    6. ljs85
      Hey, JR! Just seen your thread on your signs and they look quite cool :D

      I've been looking to get a wooden sign to hang onto the door of the cat run for a while now but just can't quite seem to click with any of them (either I like them or the BF does, haven't found one we both like).

      Have you any examples of cat drawings that you've done?

      What I'm basically looking for is a smallish sign with the pictures of my three (faces only probably with their names) and a simple background (not sure about the colour yet).
    7. Jiskefet
      You're welcome...
      When I saw this pic of her she looked like she was talking to you, so I thought I'd give her a voice....
    8. Aurelie
      Snoop away! There is a new one of Monsieur Sparkles on the Siamese thread too :)
    9. Kitty_pig
      awww chucks no worries, he is gorgeous love them ears :)
    10. Lunabuma
      Ziggy is much better today. Thank you for your advice and support JR x
    11. Tao2
      Hi Jordan, Just wanted you to know am thinking of you and hope vets apt with Spooks goes well today. Keep us posted. xx
    12. Cookieandme
      At least you have a starting point, no need to apologise. Hope they are some use just to keep tabs on him.
    13. Cookieandme
      That is good news I was very embarressed on Saturday. Have you managed to weigh Spooks ?
    14. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      not a very popular member,a cheeky mare,i posted advise in dog section and she sent me az vm saying 'get bk to ur moggies n leave us dog people to it' so I posted what shed sed she denied it but its was in my vm for every1 to see,so she made a few enemies that day and she keeps going round red/grey repping us all but her points don't do no damage as the has 3 red rep blocks lol hope this makes some sense.
    15. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      Don't know if your thinking same but im thinking maisymoon cos of what went on other
      day don't know if you know.Anyway she visitered chichi saying ha ha ha you waste you time on fake thread so iv bin expecting some trip trotting lol.
    16. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      think its a troll iv got a good idea who too
    17. KathinUK
      Oh I'm so sorry to hear that JordanRose :( I hope you've come to terms with her loss.
    18. KathinUK
      Hi Jordan Rose
      I hope its ok to contact you by PM. I read your message re Oscar's cancer diagnosis and wonder how your kitty fared as we're trying to deal with a rare type of lymphoma my Sally has.
    19. Tao2
      Thanks for the rep. And gorgeous kitten pics, I love their little feet....
    20. Aurelie
      Thanks for the rep :)
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    April 7
    Manchester, UK
    Support Worker (Learning Disabilities) and Student
    Jordan: Owned by Flix and Lady Gaga (the bonkers babbities) and Sir Spookington SpookyCat, my noisy Siamese master...

    Volunteering within the community: disability awareness, special educational needs, wildlife conservation...

    Arty fartiness

    Animals (obviously)

    Studying- the story of my life! ;)



    The Madhouse: Spooks Cecil Reggie Bertie Sylvie Flix Gaga
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