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Jul 7, 2018
Mar 10, 2012
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April 7
Manchester, UK
Support Worker (Learning Disabilities) and Student

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Master of the Whingey Cat., from Manchester, UK

JordanRose was last seen:
Jul 7, 2018
    1. huckybuck
      Hi JR,
      Just a quick question re SS for rescue. One of your SS is concerned that her parcel didn't arrive as she didn't see any of her stuff in the pics. Were there any other parcels at all that might not have been in the photos? It should have been received @ a week/10 days ago? Sorry to be a pain xxx
    2. MollyMilo
      Hi Jordan! I'd love to go to the supreme but I don't know yet! X
    3. Cookieandme
      No problem - Overcaste here can't believe I spend all week in am office and is rubbish at the weekends.
    4. Aurelie
      Thanks JR - me and my alien faced beauty queen appreciate it!
    5. moggiemum
      my mum was none to pleased either i can tell you , im 45 i live on my own in london my mum is in ireland ,lol, but i could hear the dissapointment in her voice but it makes no difference if i have to leave one cat or two cats when it comes to going to ireland to visit , but she knows better and she knows me quiet well , i think i may be having two traveling companions lol , yes more expensive but i can manage , i make my mum laugh every phone call with tales of the ankhstar :) it will happen for you and spooks jordan and it will be purrfect when it does xxx
    6. moggiemum
      aww alls good then:), ive got 16more sleeps, its really dragging but i got first petplanet delivery on monday and im busy making things too , i can't wait , im looking forward to the intros i think Ankhstar will be so animated and surprised and a little coy:)i hope susie isnt to unhappy leaving her family :( she will be having spay in a few days too:( a bit worried but just have to keep myself really busy , im sure i ll find plenty last minute jobs to do , flix is gorge bunny and i love your hair :)x
    7. moggiemum
      aww love your pic/ profile, i was just going to say we was starting to get worrried, hope you and yours are well x
    8. MollyMilo
      What a relief!! I was getting spooky withdrawals! :lol:
    9. MollyMilo
      Where the heck are you? Hope you and the gorgeous man are ok and come back soon! xx
    10. Dante
      Thank you very much for the rep :) Merry Christmas! x
    11. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      You must be on form :D x
    12. Psygon
      oh... I just spotted you gave me rep aaaaages ago so this is a very belated thank you:)
    13. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Lovely! Yes you are very very lucky :D
    14. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Hes gorgeous! His eyes are so stunning! :D :D Yes we are thanks :) x
    15. Canine K9
      Canine K9
      Spooks! Sorry I love Spooks :D
    16. umber
      You and me both hun! I just hope its sooner rather than later. I most deff win the crazy cat lady award now... Ive been hanging around the forum for about 6 months now with NO cat and I now have a house which looks like a cat should be living in it complete with wet and dry foods, litter, litter tray, vet beds, carriers toys etc but do we have a cat... errrrm nope.... soo crazy wierd cat lady award goes to Me! x
    17. umber
      no worries its ok... honestly I see it as it wasnt meant to be and Im okay with that now. I was of course very upset but im looking at the brighter side which is... Im still most deff going to be welcoming a beautiful Coonie into my family soooo watch this space! xxx
    18. umber
      :( I didnt! You didnt see my post during last week title 'It wasnt meant to be' Danielle told me that Zou Zou had been losing weight so she couldnt let her go like that. We decided that it just wasnt meant to be so I am currently sitting at home with a cup of tea feeling sorry for myself that there is no Cooonie on my lap sleeping whilst I gaze in awe! x
    19. Cookieandme
      To be honest I had forgotten about them, I couldn't get April to stand still anyway. If they get in the way let me know but you are welcome to keep for as long as they are useful
    20. Cookieandme
      Hi JR if they are in your way I can take them back - otherwise I don't need them if you would like to keep them and monitor Spooks weight. Just let me know what you would like to do.
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    April 7
    Manchester, UK
    Support Worker (Learning Disabilities) and Student
    Jordan: Owned by Flix and Lady Gaga (the bonkers babbities) and Sir Spookington SpookyCat, my noisy Siamese master...

    Volunteering within the community: disability awareness, special educational needs, wildlife conservation...

    Arty fartiness

    Animals (obviously)

    Studying- the story of my life! ;)



    The Madhouse: Spooks Cecil Reggie Bertie Sylvie Flix Gaga
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