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Jul 11, 2011
Sep 5, 2010
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warrington cheshire

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PetForums Junior, from warrington cheshire

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Jul 11, 2011
    1. Zaros
      Hi again. the male Sar can stand between 75-80cm at the shoulder and weigh somewhere near the mark of 70/80 kilos+. The females are always much smaller. Sar's can be difficult dogs to handle because they are forward thinkers (they believe we are their charges) and process information with lightning speed. But despite the fact that all Sar's are cautious of everyone but they do warm to people once they have been investigated more closely. When out we often tell folks who are curious of the breed not to stroke the dogs and that they must wait until they seek their attention, which means they believe you're okay to be with.
      Overall they are wonderful animals but require much stimulation if they're not being worked. This is a physically tiring pastime because they have no interest in toys. It's hands on and strenuous but lots of fun. They certainly keep us fit.
    2. Zaros
      Hello and thank you. We actually have two Sarplaninacs (one male one female) and they were both bred and are living in Finland. We are hoping to visit the UK with the dogs next summer to visit relatives providing the DDA doesn't do something ridiculous to prevent the dogs from entering the country.
    3. ChloeP123
      hiya, aww thanks :) ur little pup is gorgeous! x
    4. catseyes
      Thank you - have put a few up on the galleries forum will have to get some more! x
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    warrington cheshire
    i am a wife, mother of 15 yr old daughter and a nurse of 20 yrs

    love walking, reading and dancing to my fav tunes.


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