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May 2, 2013
Mar 4, 2010
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May 2, 2013
    1. HollyM
      Hi, Walt is good thanks, getting so big, Yitzach is good too. They aren't even close to being the best of friends yet, but hopefully they will iron out their differences at some point! Here's hoping anyway! Getting Walt neutered on monday so a bit anxious about that but i'm sure he will be fine. Hope you and Harri are good.
    2. HollyM
      Hi, how's you?
    3. katie200
      that can be really anoying lol hope you find the right secand cat for you awww really cutie cat pic
    4. katie200
      she fell in love with her cat lol but im the same i wouldnt take a stud cat eather without waying up the risks and she didnt have other cats at that time how old is your cat thanks for the love pet coments i have had quite a few lovely pets in my life i think you should go with you gut its nomal right lol
    5. katie200
      awwww your welcome to look at my pics lol yer they can be hand ful smokey is a really biter lol but he has a loveable side and holly just love smokey lol and jessie not happy at the moment as she just got spayed yesyurdey lol my friend took on a stud a year ageo and it did take him a long while to settle in to liveing in doors and to use a litter tray
    6. katie200
      hi jo1234
      i have 2 cats holly ragdoll smokey my moggie and labradore jessie are you looking for another of the same bread or diffent how old is your cat my are 1yr old
    7. katie200
      what pets do you have
    8. HollyM
      Hi, yeah i can't wait! Just hope my resident cat and the new kitten get on ok! Good to hear another person's experience of Win and Max. Holly
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