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Feb 24, 2017
May 27, 2011
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East Yorkshire

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PetForums VIP, Female, from East Yorkshire

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Feb 24, 2017
    1. spid
      Thanks for my rep!
    2. sharon_gurney
      hi we are good thanks, hows you and your shows going? We have had a bit of a break from the shows as we mated Lilly thats the girl you met at the show. She had 5 babies but we lost 2. We still got 3 very healthy lively babies and Lilly isnt doing bad for a first time mum especially as she has had to contend with moving house with babies only 4 weeks old!

      We have missed a few shows that I would like to have done this year but I suppose its the way it goes. We back out in Dec with Bobby our new boy we going to the Transpenine Siamese. Let me know when your out and will pop over to say hello.
    3. MoggyBaby
      Thank you for the rep hun. I hope the update met your expectations. :D
    4. lymorelynn
      Just spotted your new avatar - I love it :thumbup:
    5. lymorelynn
      Babies are coming along very nicely thank you Jo :) They aren't doing much yet - just over 2 weeks old - but all have their eyes open :) I have to take some photos for a possible new slave so I'll see if I can put some on the forum later too :smilewinkgrin:
    6. Ingrid25
      Oh thats okay:)
      Leo is great, he managed to get out today so now I have a wet wooly mammoth sitting on my lap:rolleyes:
    7. MoggyBaby
      Glad we both agree on the No Road Sense cat. I was nearly for writing "Then choose a casket" but thought it might be a bit OTT.....

      I despair of these peeps who ask for advice and then chuck it all back in your face......... :mad:

      Hope you are Cupcake and also the gorgeous Thomas. :)


    8. Ingrid25
      hi jo-pop we haven't talked for a while, how r u and Thomas going?
    9. MoggyBaby
      Hey JP - we're all good thank you for asking, how about you? How is the gorgeous Thomas?

      I'm TRYING to get my head into some kind of work-mode but it just doesn't want to play. And I NEED to get some done............. :( :rolleyes:

    10. Ingrid25
      im good thanks!!!!!
      oh its great that little thomas is recovering well:D
      whats happening for you today?
    11. Ingrid25
      hi jo-pop!!!!!:)
      i just relised that thomas and leo are only 6 days apart from each other!!!
      so how are you and thomas today? we havent talked for ages!
    12. MoggyBaby
      Hi JP - Just found the rep you left for me - thank you so much. I am glad you have enjoyed that thread, it has certainly made me smile too. :D
    13. catlover0581
      whoops! posted on me own wall! lol
    14. catlover0581
      i will introduce slowly, don't wants piles of vom or runny tummies lol. thanks for the tips, really helpful :) i'll let you all know when it's here and what they think. i just gave Freddy some cod as he's just got back from being neutered - i was worried he was going to eat the bowl! lol i'll have to remember that one for special treats hahaha xxx
    15. dagny0823
      I don't think I've ever seen you be a g*t at all--maybe I'm not reading the right forums :). It's true though I don't think I've seen you be less than encouraging to anyone, even some of the nastier trolls.
    16. Taylorbaby
      sorry gota spread green before giving it to you again, but I will do, you didnt do anything wrong I think she maybe a troll as everything anyone says even 'I hope your cats ok' she takes offence to!
    17. catlover0581
      ok, been calculating and working out the pro's and con's....and have just placed my first zooplus order for Bozita :) ooooo how exciting!! lol thanks for putting up with my questions xx
    18. catlover0581
      thanks Jo - i need to look into it properly, as i was in the middle of going out this morning - just can't pull myself away from PF lol.

      thanks for the insight - much appreciated :) x

    19. catlover0581
      hiya, was just wondering how much of the can of food you give the cats? i just looked at the link you gave - it was great :) but left me with a couple more questions. my kittens are 3 months and 4.5 months, so they eat frequently - it could get expensive lol !!

      thanks in advance xx
    20. Ingrid25
      school for me today too:(
      :) im great thankyou!
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