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Jo P
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Mar 26, 2012
Dec 10, 2007
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West Yorkshire

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Jo P

PetForums VIP, from West Yorkshire

Jo P was last seen:
Mar 26, 2012
    1. RachyBobs
      Hi Jo I got the results today and she does have cushings diesese! We will be starting her on treatment for it but her HD is still sore, she is on Metacam pain killers at the moment which is taking the edge of it and stopping her from being grumpy and snapping at the other dogs. When her hips get worse I do think we will be thinking of other things but for now she's ok and putting slightly more weight on her leg.

      Rach x
    2. RachyBobs
      No she hasnt yet, the vet was saying the blood tests will rule out exactly what it is. I hope it isnt kidney failure :( But what you describe there is exactly what she is like. I had a pony once with cushings and funnily enough the dog is doing the same thing. The water drinking has become just out of control, its come to a point now were I have to give her what she is allowed in a day because shes making her self poorly, she sicks it back up quickly or she drinks its and litrelly 5 minutes after she wee's on the kitchen floor and its pure water, its as if it just goes through her like a siv! Thanks for your help ! I will let you know what she says when she rings either tomorrow or the day after depending on when they test the blood. x
    3. RachyBobs
      Thanks :( We took her this morning, shes took some more bloods of her and is going to test them to rule out any other problems with her. She has gave us some more pain killers for the time being, until the results are back. She shows all the signs of kidney faiulure, drinking loads, weeing loads, eating loads of food and sicking up water also, her wee is just pure water :( shes home now and is asleep because the pain killers are working better. She has also explained hip dysplasia in both hips now. She had it only one and because shes been putting weight on the other its starting in the other now, she hates getting up and going out. :( poor baby :(
    4. tiddlypup
      ive only just learnt about reps,sorry,big thankyou x
    5. sequeena
      LMAO OH NOES :eek:
      Thanks for the rep :D
    6. ClaireLouise
      Ive not looked properly but had a quick scan and your right they are dirt cheap, if you hadnt sadi I had been worried about parking and just agreed to it anyways lol, thank you
    7. ClaireLouise
      Hi Jo, glad u mentioned about the parking sensors. They tried to sell us some when we bought the car today and wanted £199 :0
    8. hutch6
      Cheers for the rep Jo.
    9. ally
      PS just in case you didn't see my post, I LOVE Rotties and hate the media campaigns about Devil dogs etc
    10. ally
      Sorry Jo; I have misunderstood your comment about those who pay for dogs and meant that you didn't agree with it Doh I'm such a thicko at times - senior moment you know...so sorry x
    11. Akai-Chan
      Hey thanks for the rep :D Gorgeous rotties btw x
    12. LostGirl
      Can i just say how cool is your spidey sig!! Can i be cheeky and ask where you got it? my oh is a spiderman geek and would love that on his puter!x
    13. My lil Babies
      My lil Babies
      Firstly id just like to say, what gorgeous Rotties you have. Secondly, The Avater pic is what caught my eye on a post. I thought it was one of my pictures for a sec, Ive got a pic of holly in exactly the same pose with orange walls and wooden floor. ill have to find the pic out. cant believe how simalar the pics are lol
    14. casandra
      I just wanted to mention that I think your rotties are beautiful :)
    15. DevilDogz
      exactly LOL...tell it how it is..best way me thinks xx
    16. DevilDogz
      lmfao..i am bad :D:D
    17. DevilDogz
      Thank you for rep..was a mod said it LOL
    18. crazycrest
      Have just deleted a post i made quoting you! I am sorry i got you mistaken for someone else, hope you haven't already quoted me!!
    19. Jo P
      Jo P
      thanks so much x
    20. kelseye
      beautfull rotties you have x
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    West Yorkshire
    I'm Jo, Rottweiler owner and MAJOR lover - dont diss my breed!!!

    Love sharing my world with my beautiful dogs



    Jo, Nelly, Bhu and Molly
    Some people talk alot.................and say nowt
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