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Jo P
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Mar 26, 2012
Dec 10, 2007
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West Yorkshire

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Jo P

PetForums VIP, from West Yorkshire

Jo P was last seen:
Mar 26, 2012
    1. DoubleTrouble
    2. DoubleTrouble
      Sorry to invade you space, but did you read the thread re the rottie yesterday
    3. Malmum
      He is at that and so easy to talk to. Just love him I do!
    4. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep. Had it replaced by Noel Fitzpatrick (bionic vet, lol) and doing great, just the other one to go now.
    5. alaun
      Aw poor lad. Are they going in to kennels whilst your away? I'm sure they'll be absolutely fine. You get yourself sat in the sunshine to heal your bad back. Don't get too drunk!!!
    6. alaun
      Hi Jo, how ya doing? My daughter has just had a week on work experience - she's been at Ravenroyd in Bingley - do you know it? My friend keeps her horse there and my jammy daughter got to ride her round St Ives. She's a gorgeous 16.2 Irish draught.
    7. Jo P
      Jo P
      was gonna say 25 isnt small it's the higher end of the scale for a bitch - they should be between 23 and 25 inches so she's only a tad short of standard - it's rotten when you dont know too much about them isnt it - how comes you got her from a BYB??
    8. RachyBobs
      sorry i just re-measrued.. she stands at 22"
    9. RachyBobs
      Yeah I've a funny feeling she isnt KC. Shes very small she stands at only 25" tall :eek:
    10. RachyBobs
      Yes but she was my dads dog, he had everything filed. Now hes no longer with us I cannot find them. I would like to know off them because of her issues now, someone once asked me if she was a full rotty because shes so small :(
    11. RachyBobs
      do u know of any rotty breeders in a place called ferryhill? byb? thats were i got my peggy from xx
    12. gesic
      thank you for the rep.
      2 very happy and good looking rotts up there, nice to see x
    13. leashedForLife
      thanks, jo, for the rep! i appreciate it very much -
      especially as i fully expected to be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail, :lol: folks get savage in defense of *Their Breed*, doncha know... :rolleyes: pat Ur good dogs from me,
      --- terry
    14. Acacia86
      I agree! Lol!! They are so beautiful! I love Rotts and maybe one day in the future i will have one! x
    15. JANICE199
    16. Natik
      ...thanks :)
    17. GillyR
      Hi Hun,

      Thanks for the freindship add xx hope you are your beautiful babies are well xxx
    18. Little Missy
      Little Missy
      Hello! Hows yourself? x
    19. RachyBobs
      Yeah!! I have 2 wolfies, 1 rott, 1 sheepdog and a jrt in my house right now! But the wolfies are so gentle and calm you forget how big they are because they just relax all day and its only when i put my wellies on for walks there tails start destroying my kitchen units! x
    20. RachyBobs
      Yes its a nightmare, she had no control over it. We watch her like a hawk all day and after shes drank its case of outside and she wee's it out! But she is chilling on the big duvet with the wolfhounds at the minute, she loves them and thinks she is one! Thankyou for your help!
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    West Yorkshire
    I'm Jo, Rottweiler owner and MAJOR lover - dont diss my breed!!!

    Love sharing my world with my beautiful dogs



    Jo, Nelly, Bhu and Molly
    Some people talk alot.................and say nowt
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