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Feb 19, 2014
May 28, 2010
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Nottz innit blad!
Hairdresser & Retail Assistant.

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PetForums VIP, from Nottz innit blad!

JJAK was last seen:
Feb 19, 2014
    1. metame
    2. MissShelley
      Thanks for the rep hon xx
    3. Paddypaws
      You are very welcome! I suppose you could always try opening the capsule and sprinkling it into a bribe food?
    4. Paddypaws
      GLM posted today, let me know how he gets on with them!
    5. Stephen&Dogs
      I wish i could Unsee a good movie because i havn't felt the feel of watching a good movie that a really like in ages.
    6. bexy1989
      :O wow! small world!
    7. Stephen&Dogs
    8. Stephen&Dogs
      Alright, Have a nice day :)
    9. Stephen&Dogs
      Never mind sorry it was actually just 27 pics but they are taking forever to upload
    10. Stephen&Dogs
      I'm back and will upload the 50+ pics in a moment :lol:
    11. Stephen&Dogs
      As the weather isn't going to get any better here i might as well go into town now before it starts raining to take some photographs.
    12. Stephen&Dogs
      I got a real problem with my hair because when i wash it i get it just right how i like it but then i wax it to make it stay there and 50% of the time i really mess my hair up:o
    13. Stephen&Dogs
      Been so tired today i think i'ma just lie down in my bed and watch bbc three if anything good is on, Night.
    14. Stephen&Dogs
      I've been fine, When my sister came round a while ago she talked with the local petshop owner who she is best friends with and she said i can start a part-time job there next year :)
      How is Jess doing after being whacked by a door several times, Did you confront the person who did it?
    15. Stephen&Dogs
      I think i've seen most of them i'll take a look at splice.

      Soooooo, Having fun at your New (Ish) Job?
    16. Stephen&Dogs
      Seen any good movies lately?
    17. DoubleTrouble
      Notice you are from Nottinghamshire! I am from notts too!
    18. katie200
      yeah my sister dont live with me she moved out the place is defo quiet with out her but she round all the time so not for long and my other sis at the moment she refuse ro come home as she had a fight with my other sister. but she alway on the phone moining so dont know she even gorn lol my little sis is training to be a hair dresser. she loves it poor people she let lose on lol
    19. katie200
      yeah i did feel like killing her i have 2 sister younger than me so im alway getting hell from them lol and getting asked to help them with stuff then getting yelled at for it . but you cant pick family right.
    20. katie200
      yeah im having a carm day too and it is well cold i got my hot water bottle with me too lol and a good romance book on the kindle lol yeah my stress is gorn now it was because i had to do my sister hair yeaturday and make up for her date but she kept yelling and would stay still so i burn by finger on her curling iorn hours after she left my ears where still ringing. thats what you get for helping her out
      do you have sister?
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    Nottz innit blad!
    Hairdresser & Retail Assistant.
    Im a 20 year old female who owns a beautiful 2 year old Border Collie X and a 5 year old Jack russell terrier. They are my absolute world along with my other (occasionally) better half and my horses :)

    I enjoy horse riding, taking the dogs on huge walks, i enjoy my job strangely! i LOVE true blood and being human.
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