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Oct 19, 2016
Mar 15, 2008
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Oct 19, 2016
    1. mollymo
      Hi, yes the scratcing has certanly stopped alot thankyou.
      Im well pleased with it....and im sure our girl is happier.
    2. Bearpaw
      Hiya,its been gorgeous hasnt it.Isla is settling really well thankyou,very clean in the house(no accidents at all),but does like to chew lol! she getting on great with my labs,so thats all i could wish for.Hope your dogs enjoyed their walk in the woods :-)
    3. mollymo
      Thank you for your friend request...I will let you know how our girl does with the yumega.
      She has been terribly itchy and I feel so sorry for her in this hot weather.
    4. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      She's doing great thank you for asking :) how's Kesha?
    5. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      Akitas are a stunning breed, and i have seen stubborn streaks and naughtiness in Kuma alraedy! She is a cutie but boy she knows it! She can be a little scamp at times but shes worth it! She had me up at 5am today, looking afetr her is like having a baby lol :)
    6. Emma Kuma
      Emma Kuma
      hello :) are you a fellow akita owner? What are your like? I have just got a new puppy shes 9 weeks old :)
    7. NamaraPets
      My father is a farmer but he will be the last one to run the farm that has been in the family for several generations. There is no way I can afford to take it over. I have been a machinery operator but now I am trying to subsidise my income with online ventures.
    8. NamaraPets
      Hi .. it is generally a great place to live that is for sure.
      If you lived over here for a couple of years you will know how hard it is to get ahead .. which is a shame because the country is great.
      But the closest I have been to the UK was flying over it .. Maybe I will make it back one day.
    9. Smudgeypants
      hey drl im not to bad thanks sorry i havn't been on,,,got a killer cold and thanks i like the avatar aswell;) how are you hun???
    10. Jumberlina

      What colour AKita have you got & are they a male or a female??
    11. Jumberlina
      hi hows you 2day??
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    If you look after them. They will look after you.
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