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Sep 18, 2010
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Jul 3, 1950 (Age: 71)
Exactly where I should be.

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PetForums VIP, Female, 71, from Exactly where I should be.

    1. katie200
      Hi hows you and jet today?
    2. Holtie
      Have fun and chat soon! x
    3. Holtie
      Hi there! Just to say 'Hi' and hope that you are okay! How is Jet today - does your gorgeous pooch like the hot weather? Mine love it as long as there is a river or big lake to jump in and wallow like hippos at the end!! Although we haven't met but it would be nice to keep in touch - if you would like to? Have a good day!! x
    4. suzy93074
      your welcome x :)
    5. katie200
      Your welcome hun!!!

      How are you and Jet??
    6. katie200
      Hahahahahaha, yeah she has that cute look.

      She was looking at me today like give me the icecream.

      Your Jet is adorable. :) :)
    7. katie200
      Hahaha. yeah it was cool, seeing it on there. :)

      Jessie say hi to Jet. :)

    8. katie200
      Hi Jetsmum.

      Aww, bless him, just like Jessie she hates rain too.

      I am glad you both well.

      I am great, my piece of writing is now up on the courses, story corner. :lol:

      Holly, Smokey and Jessie are really well even though Jessie wanted my ice cream. She was all soft eyes.

      How are you?
    9. DogLover1981
      Hope you have a great birthday!! :)
    10. katie200
      Hi How are you and jet?
    11. katie200
      Hi Jetsmum.

      Cool, I love writing stories, and I used to write stories just, so I could give life a different ending when I was younger.

      But no one could read them as I had spelling probs.

      But since I've started the course, I've found a dyslexic spell checker which has really helped me.

      I just have to work on grammar and flow now.

      But writing additive isn't it, I also love to read.

      I love to read some of your poems.

      Awww Jets just too cute.

      Smokey and Holly are just making as much noise as they can, racing about.
    12. katie200
      Aw www, bless Jet he's like I found the important thing hehehehe bless him so cute.

      It will be worth it in the end you'll be de- cluttered I should do the same over the summer.

      Of course I don't mind I will pm you now.

      I bet you're great at poems.
    13. katie200
      Hi Jetsmum.
      Yes, it has been a huge learning curve for me and a massive confidence boost as other students review your writing as well. :)

      I still have lots to learn, but I'm so happy with the progress I've made in only nine weeks.

      I can't put it on the forum no one would want to read it, but if you want to read a piece I wrote on the course I could pm it to you. I always like to get other options. :)

      Wow, I need to de- clutter as well, but I take one look into my room and say I will tackle it tomorrow. hehehehe

      You sound like you been busy. It's amazing how much stuff you have when you start to pull it out of it stacked hiding place. :P

      I bet Jets been a great help.:)
    14. katie200
      Hi Jetsmum.

      Glad you're all well, I have learnt a lot and can't wait till it restarts in September. :)

      My tutor is great, and I am having a piece of my writing put on their story corner.

      I think, the main thing is my spelling and grammar is getting better.

      How has your day been?
    15. katie200
      Hi Jetsmum.
      I haven't seen you about for a while either.

      I haven't been about as much as I normally am as I have been busy doing a course on creative writing. :)

      but I'm still about, and things are going okay.

      Smokey, Holly and Jessie are doing well.

      How are you and jet doing?
    16. katie200
      hows you and jet doing
    17. katie200
      Haha yeah I'm the same I don't like going out in Ot too long but love sitting on the window with hot chocolate watching it fall so beautiful got so lovely pics this year :) and a vid of the pets Playing in it even Holly took a look out side hehehe do jet like the snow :)
    18. Honey Bee
      Honey Bee
      Hiya. Fank yoo for my green blobby. Glad you liked it. xx
    19. katie200
      hahahaha we had loads of snow smokey loved it too hehehehe the snow was really pretty :)
    20. katie200
      hahahaha awww i still do that at times :O hows jet im okay smokey holly and jessiehad fun in the snow we had there all good smokey and holly are lil monster and jessie names been changed to back alot glad you back btw and here a pic of jessie in the snow hahahah [IMG]
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    Jul 3, 1950 (Age: 71)
    Exactly where I should be.
    Growing old but refusing to grow up!

    My hobbies are collecting Asian DVDs, colouring, writing poems and short stories and occasionally making my own jewellery. I have a very eclectic taste in music ranging from traditional folk through to heavy metal.
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