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Apr 25, 2013
Apr 24, 2009
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post lady

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PetForums Senior, from Somerset

jessiegirl was last seen:
Apr 25, 2013
    1. RachaelPeck
      Hello! I live in Bristol and saw an ancient post where you were looking for friends to walk dogs with. I have two 4 month old Jack Russells.

      Hope you would still like a friend for walks.
    2. animystic
      Hi jessiegirl, I came across your message whilst looking on google for bristol dog walking groups (your post was from 2010 so this may be a little late...) but I was just wondering if you found any bristol groups as I have a few jacks (including 2 6 month old pups) and am looking for some local dog walkers to meet up with and strutt the hounds :)


      Charlie x

      PS jessie is VERY cute :D
    3. MCWillow
      Cushing's Disease In Dogs - Guide On Canine Cushing's Disease
    4. owieprone
      langford village, near Joblings garage. nice estate.

      we're maybe getting one, they've redone the road behind tesco-town in prep for crown walk and that bit tehre being done up with a sainsburys (hopefully), 2 storey car park, cinema, possible bowling etc.. will take aaaages to complete i reckon. they moved the town stream to the other side of the road.

      i'd love to live next to a beach again :( hoping one day we'll move back to my home town but nae holding my breath there.

      like my wee hoose tho :D slowly getting it to how we want it.

      nothing wrong wi council estates really, my gran lived on one all her life.. was abit dodge way back but is full of nice folk still now all the dodgers have died or moved on, even tho it's the poorest area of her town there was rarely trouble in her street.
    5. owieprone
      never been to either of those, what they like?
    6. owieprone
      it's mostly chinese and arabs now, tho i'm sure most of the whites taht are there are foreign they're just less obvious.

      where did you move to?
    7. owieprone
      I wasn't that great when i moved here erm..mid 2006, most folk avoid it at night due to all the fighting and there's only 1 pub i bother with.. the hobgob, which is EXCELLENT! amazingly i'd been hoping a metal pub/club would reopen in aberdeen, moved here to a teeny town and there's one already going! bizarre.

      i like my estate but hate oxfordshire drivers, oxford roundabouts and their road markings which defy logic, and when they don't the drivers do, the a34, bicester village and the inept council, oh and Abba night on at the garth park... hate abba hate tribute bands being belted so loud we have to go OUT for the evening to avoid hearing it! and it has to be out of bicester by the next town.. going to launton doesn't help!
    8. jessiegirl
      i moved out of there in 2005. soon after my family moved out too, apparently its becoming a right hell hole =/
    9. owieprone
      nope, just have the misfortune to live here. originally from aberdeen, moved down here to be with now husband.

      you still here or moved off?
    10. Pupcakes
      Haha! Not to worry! I'm like that all the time! :D xxx
    11. Pupcakes
      Hi Jessiegirl,

      Seen you're from Somerset too and a Jack owner! Me too :D

    12. kaz_f
      That sounds fun! especially if Jessie likes water. Hope you have a great time and take some pics. Devon is the English riviera so I'd say you're guaranteed some sun :cool::
    13. kaz_f
      Ooh lovely, a week off I wish I was on holiday. I am hating work at the moment having been restructured 3 times in the past year - joy! Poor Jessie's paw I hope it gets better soon. I know what you mean though they do bleed, I accidentally cut a bit too much off Alf's nail once as he jiffled about just as I was cutting and it bled like mad poor Alf :( I did a makeshift bandage for him. Will the claw grow back? I guess it will in time. Any plans for the rest of the week? It's mighty sunny here today :)
    14. kaz_f
      Hiya how are you doing? What have you been up to recently? I just noticed your profile pic it's lovely! So funny :) Jessie is so cute. Hope you are both well.
    15. bigdaddy
      fingers crossed you be fine
      yeah burnham is dear to buy and rent and just about everything else
    16. bigdaddy
      yes i no the bournville not a very nice area at all used to have a mate that lived on there he was broke into 3 times if you no and are mates with the rough lot then no probs if your not then thats when its trouble

      do you live on there??

      sorry if you do dont want to put a downer on the area but its not the nicest place
    17. bigdaddy
      no its not a dig at all i understand i have been there trust me i no what its like
      just didnt expect some one to put a description up like that
    18. bigdaddy
      hi im in burnham on sea im nikki2009 oh lol
    19. nikki2009
      lol i aint been on the beach much its been to cold lol
    20. nikki2009
      burnham on sea
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    post lady
    Im 33 yrs old living in somerset. i have a jack russell called jessie who is 2.

    Jack russells


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