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Dec 15, 2009
    1. tkian6
      hi was looking through forum, being nosey as i'm new on here, and i see you have a blue merle collie i have just rescued one from kennels, well a couple of weeks ago, she is about 5 mths and is gorgeous, she has a over shot jaw which i read that this is common in collies, just wondered if you have this problem, but just nice to see another merle, i had never seen one before, quite stunning i think!!!!!!
    2. jilly40
      hehe glad she didnt go in the mud ;) lucy runs a mile if she even suspects a birthdays are a nighmare,so we dont take many of her.yours were lovely pics tho xx xx
    3. jilly40
      hehe dont know what a pub looks like not seen one 4 ages!! eva the pup is fine :D the minks has eaten the hall carpet ;) glad ur still here hun :) x
    4. jilly40
      hey ? xx...............
    5. jilly40
      friday hi ((WAVES)) have a good one x
    6. jilly40
      friday hi:D hope ur ok? have a good weekend:Dxx
    7. jilly40
      hi there just poped in 2 say hi! n see how ur doin?xx
    8. rocky
      merry christmas and all the best:)
    9. jilly40
      we called her eva the kids call her eva diva or evil eva depending what shes doin! tehe.i was goin 2 take fergus 4 a walk 2 day but the 6yr old woke up with a temp n thats not happenin 2day :( thanks for your advice n support its really helped xxx
    10. jilly40
      hi there we went 2 c fregus as a family 2 give him a brush etc on saturday.we decided not 2 bring him home.they said we were doing the right thing.they showed us a puppy n im affraid we brought her home.seemed right.she is a 3month 3 1/2 month old merle collie there r pics on my album.she is addorable n mostly goin outside! but thats what 1001 is for! many thanks 4 your support jill xx
    11. jilly40
      love the pics of your 2 :) thanks 4 the reply you are prob right. im just so tired from crying.will sleep on things n see what 2morrow brings xx
    12. Mese
      she's a darling and Toff is being a total angel , even when she nipped him somewhere no male wants to be nipped when they were playing , all Toff did was yelp and move away ... I couldnt have asked for two more perfect dogs ... now if only Toffs recall would improve id be in heaven , lol
    13. Fade to Grey
      Fade to Grey
      haha no she's smiling, it's taken my 10years to capture a decent picture of it, 6 of our dogs smile :D
    14. rottiesloveragdolls
      I had forgot my self lol but thanx hun ;)
    15. louise5031
      Thank you!! Love your pooches, beautiful! x
    16. colliemerles
      thank you for the rep, it was kind of you,xx
    17. rottiesloveragdolls
    18. gillieworm
      Thanks for the rep hun :)
    19. colliemerles
      hahaha no problem, im just trying to help spot the spammers now,lol, i had toast for lunch, how boring is that,lol,
    20. gillieworm
      They were just companion shows we were at so had a go with our 2. Neither are "show standard" so we don't go to the serious ones, but love going to the fun ones especially as its great socialisation for our puppy
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