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jenny armour
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Sep 3, 2021
Feb 28, 2010
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wirksworth derbyshire

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jenny armour

PetForums VIP, from wirksworth derbyshire

jenny armour was last seen:
Sep 3, 2021
    1. Caroline Linton
      Caroline Linton
      Hi jenny. Just checking everything is ok. I miss you not being online
    2. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      hi monika the profile picture is an old picture and alas a lot of these babies are not with me now. on the other hand my album has more up to date pictures. I have five nfcs, 2 raggies and 2 moggies that I rescued from a house around the corner. yes jack is the eldest now. I lost a raggie just before Christmas called charley, she was a seal mitted aged 16. I also have my baby Maggie mae a rough collie
    3. Ragdollsfriend
      Jenny, your kitties are so beautiful! And it seems they all get along. Who is the youngest? And is Jack the oldest of the bunch?
    4. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      not sure that Maggie mae does that, but she does love her mummy. apparently Maggie won again a tri pup and the woman who owned the pup is a breeder and shows. apparently she wasn't very happy that Maggie beat her pup xx Maggie says give alfie a kiss from her and me xx
    5. emmaviolet
      Jenny, so sorry I haven't replied sooner! It doesn't come up on notifications unless you post on my wall so didn't see these!
      Sorry to hear Maggie wasn't well, but hopefully she is back to full strength now!!
      What wonderful news!! But it's no surprise, she is so stunning!! I bet she is very proud of her rosettes and trophy! I hope you are displaying it proudly!

      Alfie is being very good lately. Her is being sooo loving and snuggly, he sits on the edge of the sofa to get as close as possible and he stands behind you and gives his kisses! Does Maggie do the same kisses? They are really so loving!
      Give Maggie a big kiss and a cuddle from me and Alfie. Hope you are both keeping well! x
    6. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      just to let you know emmaviolet. I put Maggie mae into a fun dog show at the ashover country fair on Wednesday and she won. she has two rosettes, one trophy and a shield that I get to keep for a year
    7. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      oh I must look at that. latest on Maggie mae is she had an infection and was given synulox. she is a lot better this week, the vet reckons a lot was possibly to do with the weather as well and she took her own stitches out. glad we are now back to walking her over the fields, now that the weather has changed.
      give alfie a big kiss from me and Maggie mae xx
    8. emmaviolet
      Oh no! Poor Maggie Mae!! That sounds so awful for you both. Alfie does the same running away from pain thing you described. Bless her I hope it has eased a little bit since.
      Poor girl, give her a hug from me and Alfie.
      Alfie has been very good thank you, I've been very proud of him as he has just been soooo very good!
      I had a look on collielife this morning and our two's dad is on the top of the page. Made me smile.
      Hope you are keeping well! x
    9. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      hi emmaviolet, lovely to hear from you. Maggie was spayed on Friday. at the moment she is an anxious girl. since the op she has been running around like she is trying to get away from it. she isn't eating unless I feed her, but I think she is hungry. I hope when the stitches come out she may calm down. that's if she will let the vet near her, its very tender I think. how is alfie is he being a good boy? xx
    10. emmaviolet
      Hello Jenny! Just popping by to see how you and the beautiful Maggie are.
    11. MrsW1604
      Hello, do you still have the 64 bozita tetrapaks available? Thank you x
    12. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      I think blue is new to me, last time I was on here you had just got the coonie with the joint problem. Selkirk? you are a glutton. mind you I can talk, I now have a rough collie dog called Maggie mae she is 7 months old and gets on well with the cats. unfortunately I lost sonni my raggie with the neurological problems at the beginning of December. I doubt if I will have any more cats, at least not for a long time
    13. Cats cats cats
      Cats cats cats
      Hi :-) I'm good thanks :-) how are you ? No , still only 5 but I am seriously considering a Selkirk in the summer :-) xx
    14. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      I did have a lovely Christmas and so did Maggie. we had a little mishap as I think Maggie got a little stressed. hope your and alfie had a lovely time. have a cheeky picture of Maggie to put up so look out for it x
    15. emmaviolet
      Aw I hope you had a lovely Christmas and all the dogs behaved, I bet you enjoyed having her around, I couldn't imagine xmas without a dog.

      I'm off to look at the pics now!!!! x
    16. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      ah thank you emmaviolet
      I am really looking forward to this Christmas, the first in a long while. Maggie mae and me are going to my friends house and her jrt. had a trial run last night and it didn't go too bad. have you seen the latest picture of her on the dogs gallery?
      anyway merry Christmas to you and alfie xxxx
    17. emmaviolet
      Merry Christmas to you and the lovely Maggie, I hope your Christmas is even better this year with your longed for rough collie. xxx
    18. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      as promised I have put a couple of up to date piccies on the photo gallery of Maggie x
    19. emmaviolet
      Oh yes pictures are a must!! ;)
      Oh she is getting to be a big girl now! Of course she turns heads, she is stunning!! :D
      Yes we're all good thanks, Alfie just loves this weather when it's chilly and he puffs himself up! :001_rolleyes: Silly boy! x
    20. jenny armour
      jenny armour
      hi sorry forgot to put pictures up of Maggie, sorry. she is doing fine. she now weighs in at 13.3kgs and will be six months old next week. I think she is turning into a beautiful girl and she really turns heads. hope everyone is fine your end x
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    wirksworth derbyshire
    i am retired and live with my 11 cats
    four ragdolls
    five nfcs
    2 rescues
    sonni ragdoll
    charley ragdoll
    jack ragdoll
    oliver ragdoll
    nellie nfc
    jj nfc
    harry nfc
    troy nfc
    torre nfc
    pixie tortie
    freddie red and white

    cats and rough collies diy gardening voluntary work


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