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Jan 23, 2009
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July 29

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    1. Sophie17
      Hi Jenniferx!

      I would like send private message for you, but i am new member to this forum.
      I can't send you message, because I do not have 25 comments as required.
      Do you mind if I post my question here so anyone can see?

    2. emmaviolet
      Hey ya, look how well Cillic is doing now!!! :D
    3. LinznMilly
      Hi Jenni.

      Thanks for the link. I'm at my wits' end with my skin atm so your timing couldn't be better. :)
    4. emmaviolet
      Haha enjoy!!! I'm watching Petra Kvitova atm, Simon and his little chicken legs!!:D

      I shall be enjoying a nice hot chocolate at midnight to watch Federer and if I can stay awake Serena! #sleepisfortheweak! ;)
    5. emmaviolet
      Mocha's at the ready, it's USO time!!! ;)
    6. missnaomi
      Totally random question... But your dog is fairly small? Right? And goes for long walks? In your opinion would a Yorkshire terrier be able to enjoy day hikes? My small dog does exactly the same as my big dog but he's a JRTx and l was wondering about more "delicate" breeds? My friend wants a small dog but one that would be up for anything and I wondered if you had any insight!
    7. emmaviolet
      Haha, no I didn't watch it! I watched the tennis and saw Federer blow another final and then went to bed!!
      I found out this morning and thought how excited you must have been!

      He's on such a roll now, I think he'll be hard to stop at this rate!
      Haha, another one for you to watch now, I think the French always do things with such a flair of their own (no matter what they do) it's hard not to get sucked in!
    8. emmaviolet
      I think he should do it, so long as he keeps his head and nobody comes out on fire!!!
      Back to back majors would be pretty huge!!

      I think it being out in the open is really the only way, although there will always be people who then break those rules and it's a shame for the athletes who are not prepared to harm their body in that way like a good few are not. Maybe a two way spilt.

      I'm not the biggest fan of it either, unless Fed wins!!! But it's all the top ones and I thought I may give it a go as I've never been and I think it's a completely different feel too!

      Hope you have a great weekend too! xx
    9. emmaviolet
      Hey, your home boy is doing well again!! Will it be major #4 today? x
    10. emmaviolet
      Bless you, I didn't think you were being rude!!

      I can't stand some of the commentary, Andrew Castle gets on my very last nerve and John Mcenroe never shuts up!! I used to like Boris but he's with Novak now!
      I know, if they lose one event, that's it, it's over! I could never bear how they used to go on and on about Murray, it's like evry single thing always came back to Murray!!

      The doping, well the Dr at the centre of the biggest scandal has been known to see Ferrer at least and many Spanish athletes. I think it's a great shame if there is doping, which three is in all sports and always has been.
      I do think that Nadal and Novak bring it to the fore, especially when Novak played Murray for four and a bit hours and then won the longest ever final. It's so superhuman to be able to bounce back from a tough match and play another for hours and hours, like Murray had a tough match with Federer in Aus and in the final you could see he didn't have enough in reserves to go all the way.
    11. emmaviolet
      Sometimes I think that it would be better to allow it in a way, because then you have an even playing field. All the times people are caught, or are not because the dopers are smart and are five steps ahead of the testing. Or have two divisions, clean and not.

      I'm thinking of maybe going to the o2 this year. I can't queue for Wimbly (got tickets before on the ballot).

      Ha, well Rory may well trump Beckham in years to come!! I did see him a few times when I was younger and he came to our school when he was bigger (but not as big as now!).
      I like them, I think people knock Victoria, but she always looks flawless and they are obviously great parents and I think good people.
    12. emmaviolet
      Azarenka I think was the worst because it travels and circles! It's a shame she's got a nice game when it works.
      Yes Petra was inspired, I said a few years back she would win Wimbly oneday and the next year (11) she won it!

      I love Grigor, but I do hate it when the BBC push too much. Let people find them on their own. I remember I showed my Mum (a Fed fan) a video of him when he was young and covered his face and said who is it and she thought it was Fed! He used to mimic him completely but he's found his own style now too.
      I think Bouchard tries too hard in some ways.

      TBH there's been rumblings in the tennis world about RN doping for a few years. Past players have said a few things and there was an article I think last year. The thing which stands out is the time off for injury and then he comes back and wins literally everything, even on his worst surface.
    13. emmaviolet
      There's been a few drug cover ups in tennis where they take 'injury breaks'. Also in sport, especially Spain where they had files of blood and burned evidence of footballers, tennis players and big stars blood doping (operation puerto).
    14. emmaviolet
      I like Nadal better off court though. He was so cute in a video of him and Federer laughing all the time. I don't like the time wasting or his bum picking!!!
      Do you know my Mum has been saying that for years about Cillic, he peaked and then seemed to come off the boil. I think he used a supplement or something!
      She still thinks he may, I think he needs a bit more hunger or something.

      Wow, that's so cool he's from so close to you!! I bet you were cheering him along for the open, he loves to make things into a nail biter towards the end, but he got it done!!
      I think he has the potential to be one of the greatest players, if he keeps his head together.
      I always supported Beckham as he lived on my street and went to my schools too and it's quite a small town.
    15. emmaviolet
      I know it was just too much!! I loved Gavin Rossdale literally hanging over the box cheering Fed on and making his camp get animated!! I love the dramatic matches!
      I know, he just doesn't do it for me!! Verdasco on the other hand....
      I just think Rafa is a little bit fake and a lot of what he does is an act or Toni makes him do it. Have you read his book? My word his uncle is so controlling!!
      Please don't take offence! :o But certain things that have happened do make me wonder if there may be another Lance Armstrong to come out there. :o

      I've been following Grigor Dimitrov for a few years now, since he won Jnr Wimby and everyone started calling him baby Fed. It's really nice to see him coming through and living up to expectation.
    16. emmaviolet
      Both of them are louder on the court, if you can believe that! I hate the constant breaks too, that's why I do like Serena! I think what those two achieved from their background is just amazing! Though Serena is completely crazy, I sort of love/hate her! I thought Kvitova was amazing at the Wimbledon final, but she isn't consistent with that!

      Oh yes, can't wait for the US open now! I'm glancing at Toronto and Cincy. Have a feeling Novak will win the US, he has done so well there for years now.

      I love watching at night, I'm a nut who will wake up and watch too. It's lovely and quiet and dark all around. A mocha sounds great with tennis!!
      I like Luke doing a bit of it too. Have you heard Henri Leconte? Oh my god, he's crazed!!

      It is funny isn't it! I do follow golf, not all the time but the major tournies and a few others. I find it quite soothing! I used to love Tiger when I was a child and even though he was before my time I'm a huge Seve fan!!
    17. emmaviolet
      It's so funny because I always watched wimbledon every year on tv and then after the final in 2008 I started following the tennis tour too. I was just so amazed by it that I had to have more!
      I'll let you off for supporting Rafa then, seen as you have been so supportive of my crochet, I must asy anyone else, they would be dead to me!! ;)
      I have to say I'm not a Nadal fan, I really dislike his Uncle as well and I usually route for the other person (sorry!).
      Some of the matches he have played have been amazing though, loved the Verdasco one in Aus09 and the Nole one US 2011, the Aus open 12 was a bit too long and not as high in quality.
      I have been really lucky to see Fed on centre at wimbledon a couple of times sitting at the front and also Novak three times and Venus and Serena (who I just love).
      Have you heard about Rafa's arm?
      I can't believe you are a tennis follower too! :)
    18. Jansheff
      Just noticed the green rep blobby - thanks!
    19. emmaviolet
      Thanks for the rep, how silly!
    20. Lilylass
      Thanks for the green blob
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