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Jun 24, 2015
Apr 24, 2012
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October 16
PA local hospital

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PetForums Member, from Sunderland

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Jun 24, 2015
    1. jbw54
      nope never enough, i have at present 3, daughter has 2 (which often stay with me) and now a choc mini poodle .............. mad house or what - hubby stays in the shed!!
    2. Frankie457
      they are all adorable! i've only had Frankie since January and already think one daxie is never enough......
    3. Frankie457
      Nice to find another Dach owner! Gorgeous dogs, are your full size or mini's? how old are they?
    4. Tillymint
      Great thanks for letting me know x
    5. littledigger
      Hi Jaqui,

      So sorry for the late reply, you have some gorgeous daxies. I think once you have them, you never want anything else. I love my two so much. We got our chocolate from a breeder in Swansea but I don't have there contact details. I did find some puppies available but they want £800. They are on pets4homes website: miniature pra clear chocolate and dapple male pups | Swansea, Swansea | Pets4Homes I don't know this breeder but you could have a look and see.

      All the best

    6. Strawberryearth
      Oooh, how exciting! Do you mind if I ask where you are on a list for? I am still looking around at the moment, I had wanted another from Betty's breeder but a change in her circumstances has meant that she won't be breeding for a while- if at all. Betty is 9 months, we have had her since beginning March. We want to add while she is still young for a couple of reasons, to give her companionship and a playmate while she is still so playful and also so there is just one prolonged period of crazy rather than 2 separate periods. I think I would need a long time to "forget" puppy trials before adding another one if I wait until it's all over!

      Can I ask how you have found your 3 getting along with each other? Betty is a bitch (obv.) and we were hoping to add another girl- I haven't heard of any same sex aggression but an experienced opinion would be great. I have seen the pic of Bailey and Max snuggled up together, so beautiful! Are they far apart in age?
    7. Strawberryearth
      Hiya, always nice to meet another Mini Dachs owner! I only have Betty at the moment, smooth B&T but I too am hoping to get a choc and tan (as a pref although I don't mind too much) before the end of the year! Just itching to get some companionship for Betty, she is a little monkey at times but she deserves another pooch to romp around with!
    8. jbw54
      Hi Sue, same as you mind boggling. There's some much to look at so unless you look for something in particular i could be on here of hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to try and post some photos of my boys ...

    9. Susie61
      Hiya i'm Sue, glad to finally have a friend on here, only joined last week and find the site a bit boggling at times.
      How you finding it all?

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    October 16
    PA local hospital
    Married to Bill

    Walking my boys
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