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Nov 17, 2019
Sep 24, 2012
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Nov 17, 2019
    1. jaycee05
      now I know what to do, always felt a bit guilty not repping anyone when I have especially liked their post
    2. Spellweaver
      Thank you for the rep on the symbols post :)
    3. AFKMatrix
      Hey Jaycee,

      It's no problem at all about sending you the Bozita, shame the kittys didn't like it but thats the way sometimes lol. Hope you find them some other food they love :)
    4. DogHeart
      Hi. Come and join our community DogsHeartFoundation.com send this message to all animal lovers to save a soul.
    5. kelly-joy
      Hi Jaycee I am sure we can help find a rescue to take these , email me at kelly-joy@animallifelineuk.org if you still need help. Best wishes Kelly-joy and The Animal Lifeline UK Team:) Animal Lifeline UK - Welcome to Animal Lifeline UK
    6. elaineh
      hi hun i saw msg you posted I live in Hull and if you look for me on facebook im elaine hutty x
    7. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      cheers for the 'like' with that one..thought it was just me!
    8. jaycee05
      It must have been removed very quickly, basically it said,"only saying what everyone else is thinking, catcoonz has too many cats and sits all day on this forum instead of looking after them, reported you to RSPCA for neglect of your cat you had to have pts,
      I replied saying it was a terrible thing to say with no proof, then the next thing got a message,invalid thread contact admin
      Wonder if anyone else saw it,it was in a huge square, wish I had got the name, sorry
      What a horrible thing to do, spiteful
    9. catcoonz
      No i missed that but they can report me to whoever they wish, vet records can prove it wasnt neglect. xx
    10. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      have you changed your piccy..i got confused then lol
    11. we love bsh's
      we love bsh's
      thanx jaycee.xx
    12. catlover666

      thanks for helping
      anything you can find out about the breeder name helen helandy of ruralpaws selkirk rex would be great
      she s ignoring me and i dont have proof of ownership so once he s better i cannot show him without proof i own him can i?
      all i know is she was giving up breeding and she sold his mum
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