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janette shepherd
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Jul 6, 2014
Mar 31, 2013
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stalybridge cheshire

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janette shepherd

PetForums Junior, from stalybridge cheshire

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Jul 6, 2014
    1. mrsbinks
      Im so sorry for not responding sooner, ive only just logged in, its been a while since being on here, as ive found i no longer need the site to help me.

      Time is a big healer and we are all different as to how long it takes to come to terms with the death of a beloved pet.

      People that don't have a pet don't understand how you are feeling, its almost as bad as losing a human.

      You will get there in your own sweet time, sad memories will be replaced with happy ones and that is what will help you through this sad time.

      I only came on here to copy and paste the poem to send to my sister who lost her beloved peggi today, she lives in Canada, and im hoping the poem will help.

      I hope i have helped.

      Tina xx
    2. mrshodgson
      Hi Janette,

      Hope this finds you a bit better. I'm so glad I've got my other two, as I'm sure I'd feel the same as you if I didn't. I couldn't contemplate life without a dog.

      Have you thought about going down to your local rescue, just to help out and get your doggie "fix"? You never know, you just might find another little face that makes your heart melt.

      You seem like such a brilliant owner, it seems a shame not to share you life with another who needs you.

    3. mrshodgson
      hi janette,

      no they don't. i don't know what i would have done without forums like this. the grief just overwhelms you sometimes. how are you getting on now.
    4. Colliebarmy
      Hi janette, yes, its a long road to easing pain, I still miss our previous dog who died over 11 years ago, we have a "Sadie day" on October 17th/18th (she died about 2am) I refused to have a another dog for 9 year and regret that but I know each of our three will have to go one day, it will gut me but i as a pet owner thats what i take on.

      spk soon
    5. Lulus mum
      Lulus mum
      I know exactly what you mean about the house being empty when you come in-no waggy tail, no big kisses.Only animal lovers understand what you are going through and we feel for you!!
      Please keep posting as there are many people here to support you.God bless
    6. janette shepherd
      janette shepherd
      On 26/3/2013 i lost my best friend my gorgeous boxer Bob.
      My whole body is in pain with the greif of never seeing him again.
      Bob was my best friend my company my everything and i dont know how i can go on without him.
      How long does this pain last i cant eat sleep or think of anything but my beautiful baby my handsome man Bob
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    stalybridge cheshire
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