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Sep 12, 2011
May 4, 2008
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Sep 12, 2011
    1. lancashirelass
      Thanks Janee, I will write that down. Thank you. It'll be great to have that affirmation to pick up if I can't find them. Its still all going well! They had an hour and half this morning and I have no idea where they went. Thankfully they came back when I rustled the biscuit bag. I know they won't always come running home, and your message will be really good for those occassions.
    2. thompsonk
      Well thank goodness you said something to paincake about her not wanting a cat! Bit of a strange one that thread! Thank you xx
    3. Juggs
      Yes i have, i have a flea treatment for him but wont kill ALL the fleas.
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