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Apr 13, 2011
Sep 21, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from Lancashire

james1 was last seen:
Apr 13, 2011
    1. Devil-Dogz
      OI where are you!
    2. maizie0_0
      Your springers are beautiful! I have a 14 week old show springer called Elsie and she's certainly a handful! x
    3. ShannonLouise.
      Your welcome, and wow he is stunning :)
    4. maxandskye
      Thanks James, I will contact them in th emorning to see if they deliver to the Highlands. Many thanks :-)
    5. katiefranke
      yeah I know! no probs, thanks for trying :)
    6. katiefranke
      thanks james!! :) I was worried that someone else might read the thread and try it!! and I agree, I don't really think that the paracetamol dose should have been stated on the thread, as there are too many people that might try and get it wrong and this may encourage it...thanks again
    7. babycham2002
      All those additives James I noticed that you have put when they are illegal in other countries. Does that mean they are legal in this country? I eat fresh as much as I can everything is homecooked and not out of packets and jars because I want to stay away from things like that. But I didn't realise we were so bad compared to other countries with still allowing them if that is the case
    8. katiefranke
      Thanks James - yep I noticed the feeding guidelines looked a bit much. Like you said I will give her a go on just under the minimum for her age/weight and increase if needed rather than the other way around! :-)
    9. katiefranke
      Hi James, thanks for the message. After going to the vets with maggie, I tried her on Burns, and she had a more or less immediate reaction!! The only thing I can now put this down to, as none of the other ingredients are the same, would be not the protein that is affecting her, but the grains - the rice in particular!

      So I went off to my local shop stocking Orijen and have started introducing the puppy food from today! Although early days, no adverse affects yet! Am also investigating raw meaty bones to add as she cannot have any chews etc... :-)
    10. Rainmaker
      Hi James, why add freeze dried meat when you can add fresh? A whole raw meaty bone would cost next to nothing, and would have the added benefit of cleaning the teeth and gums. [IMG] If you simply must buy freeze-dried meat though, try a google search for 'meat greaves' and you'll find what you're looking for. Cheers.
    11. Rick
      I have set up a site, MASTER debater • Index page ,I would be grateful if you would have a look and contribute.
    12. staceydawlz
      nah wasnt going too bt completly agree with yi :) x
    13. staceydawlz
      well if you ask me we were right!!! :D lol so we can stick together...;) xx
    14. bird
      He'll be 1 on 5th october
    15. bird
      Nice photos, one day Alf will look as good.
    16. Katie&Cody
      Im still waiting for my nice comment, lol!
    17. Katie&Cody
      Though you might say that, shame I can't find the thread now...!!
      So how's you...is that a new bootiful dog I c u have?
    18. Katie&Cody
      I was that sour faced woman about a month back!! don't u remember our late nate flirt sessions - i'm hurt!! haha
    19. Katie&Cody
      Long time no speak and how r u?
    20. DevilDogz
      You are a right plonker you know..Gosh! :rolleyes:
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