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Nov 16, 2012
May 24, 2011
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Nov 16, 2012
    1. Jacqui26
      Helllpp! We recently went on holiday (September) having to leave our beloved Beddy in kennels. He's been in kennels only once before, when he was very young. Since coming home he's 'weeing' in the house during the night when we're in bed. We make sure he's been out before we got to bed and I've even got up during the night to make sure he's ok only to come down in the morning to a puddle. He's two and a half years old. Any ideas?
    2. Jacqui26
      Hi there, I love my Bedlington, Oscar! I've never had a dog before and he's the best, he fits in with our family so well. I'm still new to this but once I get the hang of it I'll post some pictures. My niece has got a blue Bedlington and he's adorable. I've decided that I'm going to be strong and stick to PG'sadvice. Fingers crossed :-)
    3. Beau-a-saurus
      Hi Jacqui and welcome to the forum :O) your dog sounds gorgeous! I have a blue working strain Bedlington called Beau, it is always nice to see other owners on here with beddies!

      I hope you manage to get some photos on here as they are such gorgeous dogs, I have a few of Beau on my profile so feel free to have a nosy!

      Regarding the food I would do as PG says and offer food at certain times, you can also supplement with tasty bits according to your dogs likes, we now feed skinners lamb and rice sensitive as it is grain free, we reduce the recommended daily amount and then top with cooked mince which we get from our butcher which is a mix of their off cuts, you could also top with wet dog food (loads of advice in the nutrition section if you haven't already found that) I think some bedlingtons are not all that food orientated but a combination of something tasty and sticking to 'he only gets what is offered' should get him eating better :O) good luck
    4. Jacqui26
      Hi there, I'm new to this so please be patient. I have a lovely Bedlington Terrier who is 15 months old. He's a sandy coloured Bedlington and is still sooo bouncy lol. The thing is, I have such a problem feeding him. He hardly eats or drinks. At the moment he's on a diet of fresh chicken because he just will not eat dog food but I'm sure it can't be healthy to be just eating meat. Can anyone help? Pleeees
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