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Irish Setter Gal
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Jul 16, 2012
Mar 17, 2011
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In the real world
Import and export of aluminium tubing

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Irish Setter Gal

PetForums Senior, from In the real world

Irish Setter Gal was last seen:
Jul 16, 2012
    1. shaunwill
      hi from setter owner and lover , i have had 4 over the 28 years . i had a bitch who was 17 her heart was strong but her body could not keep up. to me they are one of the most lovable dogs Shaun
    2. BessieDog
      Thanks. She's getting better now. Met someone with a year old Irish setter bitch this week who said she used to put padding on her arms because of the biting. At least I haven't had to go that far!
    3. BessieDog
      I'm finding that out! I've had an English setter before but that was some years ago. I find Bess needs attention all the time. She'll happiliy play by herself in the garden but once inside I'm her toy! The trainer thinks its dominance but I don't think it's that. She walks quite well to heel etc. any tips to calm her in the evenings would be great. She's got enough toys and chews to open a pet shop!
    4. CavalierOwner
      Thanks for the rep :)
    5. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thanks for the rep, I must say I had real problems getting my samoyed sorted. In the end I went to a BVA/KC eye specialist who my friend used when staying with her in the end, and thats what it was found to be even though I had asked about dry eye several times and the idea was ignored. The details I gave were what was given at the specialist. I think in all honesty GP vets dont seem that brilliant with eyes in the main, unless its a straightforward one lot of AB drops problem. Hope its of help.
    6. DKDREAM
      Thanks for the rep x
    7. metaldog
      Thanks for the rep :)
    8. Dogsbody
      Thanks for all that advice Irish Setter Gal. I will get the long line out again and try her with that. Problem is now that it is almost dark by the time we get home from work. Making the most of the lighter mornings at the moment. Perhaps will try her out in the garden but we haven't got a very big plot. She loves going in the bushes so will try her with treats - she might stop chasing the birds then! She was better initially on the harness but has now started pulling again. I am thinking of a haltie now. I said to my husband this morning that I don't think she will ever stop pulling on her lead!!! Our other setter walks great on the lead but this monster won't learn from her. She will stop and sit when I stop and will even walk nicely for a couple of nano seconds when I do a quick turn but then she is off again on tip toe pulling at her harness completely uninterested in treats. I really need some roller blades like Cesar Milan uses :>)
    9. Lexiedhb
      Thanks for the rep!
    10. Rottiefan
      Thanks for the rep- only just noticed it :)
    11. Puppy Love
      Puppy Love
      Hello Irish Setter Gal, only just noticed your message. Hope you are well. How many Reds do you have?? I have 2 girls, they are amazing and mad!!! Do you show???
    12. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep.
    13. newfiesmum
      Well, they seem to know what they are doing, which is the main thing. I hope he gets as much benefit from it as Joshua. I remembered this morning that it was called Hydrozone, but this time I got redirected to Animal Rehabilitation Centre, whereas before their website was still up. Knew there couldn't be room for two in Nasty!
    14. Vampyria
      You're very welcome! Your post was well balanced and very fair I thought :D sorry to hear that others haven't thought so.
    15. myshkin
      It was a good soapbox rant! :D It nicely put across what was annoying a lot of people - these choices don't give anyone a right to come over all superior with others about it, and some of us omnivores think very, very hard about the ethics behind our meat!
    16. GoldenShadow
      Yeah I'm not sure with Rupert if I would ever be able to call him off a chase..! He has got a very solid sit and wait though, and I did a couple months ago (until I got a bit lazy :o) try and incorporate more sitting and waiting on demand sort of thing. I think for him if he is allowed to sit and see where the animal goes, then I go get him and we can both go follow it sort of thing (with him on his lunge line), that's more realistic than expecting him to turn his back on what is of interest and come to me when I'm never going to be that fun. Hoping its a bit of middle ground for us, when he was growing up we did lots of meeting in the middle :rolleyes: Then even if I can get him 100% off the chasing on a lunge line I can work more on potential letting offlead in the dubious areas.

      Thanks for replying, hope you're having a good day :) x
    17. GoldenShadow
      Hi, this is a bit random but I've just read some of your posts on the chase thread in Dog Training and Behaviour. I see you mention sitting as soon as movement is seen and teaching it via whistle. I was just wondering, if out on a walk riddled with other dogs as its a popular area, would you insist on the whistle/sit then or literally only with wildlife chasing sort of thing? It is a bit random like I said, but what you mention is more the line of training I am aiming for with Roo. He wouldn't chase strange dogs but he would go up to them, does their movement qualify as a sit to whistle or would you only use it with wildlife/situations you choose?

      Hope you're having a good weekend :) x
    18. Weimerlover
      Fancy indeed! lol! it was the talk of wine that drew me to you xx
    19. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thank you for the like. hope alls well with you ttfn
    20. Colette
      I was just referring to a couple of random posts taking the mick - eg, in Grandad's thread about natural corrections, your response of "ahh, but which one fits in the canine R+ version of training". It's only been one or two like this I've noticed, but with all the crap being put about by the trolls lately little digs like that get my back up.
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    In the real world
    Import and export of aluminium tubing
    Owner of two male ginger hairy fairies (Irish Red Setters)
    Enjoy dog training and behavioural observations
    Work part time and aiming lower at not working any times
    Like to poke a stick occasionally and rattle a few cages


    Bugger the lot of them :w00t:
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