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Jul 18, 2010
Dec 5, 2009
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Jul 18, 2010
    1. leashedForLife
      :( we miss U... Come visit!
    2. GoldenShadow
      Not seen you on in agessss not logged on since July 2010 apparently..! If you pop back on do a thread with some Bingley photos, please :D
    3. leashedForLife
      an article *cynthia AKA c-j anderson wrote on Helium -
      Victoria Stilwell or Cesar Millan: Who would you call? - by Cj Anderson - Helium

      there's a poll - VOTE! please... :thumbup: :)
    4. Luvdogs
      Hope all is well with you and Mr B? ;)
    5. Luvdogs
      Roxi sends her Mr Bing a big sloppy kiss XXXXXX
    6. Luvdogs
      How is Mr BIng? :)
    7. Luvdogs
      Thanks for the pic comments :) I think ROxi is in love with Your boy ;) lol
    8. Luvdogs
      Hi :) how's you and your choccy boy? ;)
    9. leashedForLife
      not a peep, hun -
      and it wasn;t the only disappearance victim, either. :huh: the man asking for help w/ his dads 4-YO M (intact) dog, who is dog-aggro? when i found out the dog is a STAFFie + his eejit-pop intends to BREED the dog, i said he was on his own; evidently thats not a popular statement? hmmm...
      - t
    10. leashedForLife
      the mods took-down my post that was critical of the Florida-sales-shops post -
      the hooey on 4 fundamental traits? they must not have liked it as much as U... ;)
    11. leashedForLife
      thanks for the rep, hun -
      i am brain-dead, drained of patience, and cranky as a sow with a new litter.
      if some of these eejits came within arms reach right now, >> I << would bite them!
      :cursing: :incazzato: :mad5: ARRRrrrgghhh... off to bed, hopefully to sleep...
      grumble.... snarl... mutter... ah, &$*#!...
    12. CarolineH
      My pleasure. Credit where credit is due!
    13. katiefranke
      great! glad it was useful. i have so many books, but this is my latest favourite! the ideas are so simple, but really work and completely make sense when you read them...the nice thing is that they are all structured like games, so just seem like fun to the dog. :)
    14. Luvdogs
      More like stupid! lol.....they certainly keep me on my toes!! :)
    15. Luvdogs
      Gorgeous choccy boy you have :) ;)
    16. katiefranke
      thanks for all the info on those books, that's great...I will have a look at the links! :)
    17. katiefranke
      hi there, just going back to a thread we were on before xmas and the conversation about books that help you read dogs body language etc...I was looking at buying both Brenda Aloff and Barbara Handelman's books, but the Aloff one has black & white photos rather than colour and from the preview it looks like some are poor quality - what did you think? Would you still say it was worth buying? Also the Handelman one looks good - are the photos in this colour? But it is about £30 on amazon, so wondering whether you thought it was worth it...? thanks in advance!
    18. WhiteKatLuva
      your dog looks sooo cute!! your so lucky!
    19. Inkdog
      Thanks Katie! Those paws were always generating comments when he was a pup. His earliest vet was a delightful Spanish woman and the first time we visited she stood there and exclaimed ‘what beeg paws!' Then she looked at us with genuine concern and asked if we realised how much he was going grow: he's gonna be a very beeg dog, she said, as if we might want to consider swapping him for a smaller model!
    20. katiefranke
      Love the piccies of bingley! He has such massive paws in the puppy photos!! You could tell what a big doggie he would grow into! ;)
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    Music, Literature, Design, and a chocolate brown Labrador called Bingley
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