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Jun 19, 2014
Jan 15, 2009
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County Durham

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PetForums VIP, from County Durham

IndysMamma was last seen:
Jun 19, 2014
    1. ohemgee
      hi! wondering if you could make some curtains for me ? Came across your set on google, and in love with it, however need different colors etc :) do you do design for people ?
    2. Flamingoes
      Literally running out the door babe, will text in car x
    3. Flamingoes
      I don't has facebook and you know this :lol: we'll come pick you up though babe if you want? But don't stress yourself about it xxxx
    4. Flamingoes
      *grumbles at you* xxxx
    5. Flamingoes
      Can you text me sweetheart cause I've kept breaking my phone and loosing numbers, hope you're okay and love you lots x
    6. Flamingoes
      Just seeing how you're doing, tit face :p xxxx
    7. xxbeckybabesxx
      Hi can you tell me if you received my email please. X
    8. xxbeckybabesxx
      Hi I came across you from google after searching cat show drapes. I fell in love with the butterfly boudoir. Can I ask if you made this or someone else and if so who. I'd love a similar set for this years surpreme. Could you please message me
      Thanks so much x
    9. NickyMouse
      It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be but I did have to keep pushing them :-( but the best thing was I didn't have to pay a penny!!!!
      Anyway it's now sorted at last.
      I'm really sorry to hear Val isn't getting any better but I hope she isn't suffering.
      Take care and thanks again for my wonderful boys.
      Dawn xxx
    10. NickyMouse
      Hi Kat,
      Just to let you know, I managed to sort out Jacob and Marley's transfer myself and have finally got the papers today so they are now officially mine YEY!!!!!!!!!!
    11. Indiandpuppy
      thankyou for the rep btw xxx
    12. YorkshireMuppet
      Thanks for sharing the cake ;) :Dxx
    13. NickyMouse
      Hi kat,

      Any luck? I can't for the life of me find the pm link and I don't really like messaging on here but can't do anything else:-(
    14. Flamingoes
      Aye not bad babe.

      Bakingnesses are hugely fun xxxxxx
    15. Flamingoes
      *pokes your face* you up to? xxxx
    16. NickyMouse
      Sorry, I apologise, I thought you were just ignoring me. I hope you are feeling better now.
      I'm sorry to hear about Val, unfortunately, my daughter has just lost her Mother in Law to that horrible disease, I hope her pain is being managed, that's all they can do now.

      Please don't bother her with all that but it would be a great help if you could contact Petlog as I said, I can't do anything from my end:-( I even thought of getting them re chipped but that's not possible apparently.

      Their chip numbers are: 952 000 000 584 470 and 952 000 000 529 363.

      If you can do anything, it would be fab but if not at least you will have tried.

      My email address is : paulbevan007@o2.co.uk if you want to use that instead although I have been coming on here every day anyway so whatever suits you.

      Please let me know how you get on then we can go from there.

      Again, many thanks for your help and I apologise profusely again for thinking you didn't care.

    17. NickyMouse
      I take that it's a no then:-(

    18. NickyMouse
      Hi Kat, long time, no speak Lol.
      Bet you don't remember me but I took on Jacob and Marley (William & Harry) over 2 years ago.
      They are both doing great. They have just had their boosters and I got to thinking they still havn't had their microchips updated.
      I have both their numbers as the vet scanned them for me and I have found out they are registered with Petlog but I can't get any further. I can't change their details without a certificate or rehoming form.
      I don't suppose you have the details now (but am hoping!) or can tell me what to do.
    19. Flamingoes
      You alright pretty miss?
    20. dandogman
      Good! :) ... well, I when I saw the bit about health tests my heart sank a bit, not going to lie, and when I saw the little toy, it was a shock, but it made me laugh so all is good. It kept me on my toes. I will now open every new puppy thread with caution. I suspect there will be a few on Christmas day saying 'I got a Christmas puppy' ha ha and it will be a little toy! :D ha ha
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    County Durham
    Main 'hobby' is the care of my pets, learning new things from them and I show my two moggy cats for fun.
    I write poetry which I sell, personilised stuff written specially for each customer and occasion... so poetry will often pop up in my threads. I also animate, do photography and draw.


    Team Moggy

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