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May 30, 2011
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    1. IncaThePup
      There needs to be an 'answer' option on here so you can quote a persons reply and then answer them!
      Thanks to everyone whose left a message on here. I've only just found them and not sure how to answer each one individually!
    2. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      Hi I.T.P., thank you for the like the other day. i have a blue lurcher 8yo now. take a look at my albums etc.. and you can view him there, your more than welcome. hope you and yours are well, take care, f.b.l.
    3. victoria171168
      Did you try any protective boots on lnca and are they any good?
    4. BOOGNME
      Inca is beautiful thanks for your kind words I would love to think Boog could come back to me x
    5. Annalaurie
      Hi, I am new to the forum and was interested in the thread about dog foods. You said that you had found a professional company which produced a chicken and rice kibble. Could you tell me about that? We have recently adopted two greyhounds (galgos) from Spain and are having trouble findin a good dog food that isn't extortionately priced. Thanks,
    6. Dodima
      Part 2
      I telephone tha Gardai and the DSPCA but both said they could not do anything. I took the reg of the van and asked the gym management to page the owner. One of the gym members came back outside with me and waited for a while. He took the phone number off he van to verify the member and walked around the gym to try find her. At ths point a 3rd girl arrived. She works in a pet store and she looked in van. There was no visible signs of water. At 18:54 my friend came out to see if I was ok. I waited another 5-10 minutes but had to leave.
      At 19:13 the owner if the van rang me but I couldn't answer. This is the truth and I have phot's of times of phone calls to prove. The dog was in a car for 90 mins with no water while outside temp in shade was approx 24 degrees C.

      I reported her to the ISPCA who have forwarded it to Dublin SPCA for further investigations.

      Feel free to contact me for any other information.
    7. Dodima
      Hi Incathepup. I am the lady who witnessed the dog in the car yesterday. I can't post publicly to this forum yet as I'm a new user. I arrived at the gym at approx 5:45pm. Temperature in shade in my car at ths time was 24 degrees C. I heard the dog barking and walked past the van to check it out.
      I then went into the gym. Changed my clothing and went to do a workout for approx 5 minutes. I texted my husband at 18:09 to ask what should I do. Then told my friend who was with me that I was going outside to check on dog again. I went outside and waited with another girl at the van. I tekephoned the number 2times and it rang out to voicemail.
    8. Indiandpuppy
      I found these on ebay 100% Natural Dried Meat Chews Treats Beef Liver Buffalo Snacks Ears Paddy Wack | eBay

      robert and thompson chews haha
    9. hushtalk
    10. ArdenGrange
      Hallo, this is Nessie from Arden Grange. I saw your post on the James Wellbeloved thread about not having received acknowledgement of your message to us or the Senior samples. I am sorry to hear about this. If you can email me to ness@ardengrange.com I will look into it for you and get some samples sent asap. Please can you also include your address in case your original correspondence went astray. We are unable to post on the forums because of our commercial interest, but I did just want to drop you a quick line as our customer service is really important to us. Hope you and the dogs are well, Ness
    11. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
    12. LoveCockersx
      Hi thanks for adding me as a friend its nice to know theres some friendly people on here :/ your dog is lovely x
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  • About

    I am disabled and live my dog Inca. I had her since 4 months old and trained to help me around the house.

    I was deaf since age 16 so she was first taught to alert me to sounds. Then I had mobility difficulties and first started using mobility scooter when she was around 2yrs old.

    She is 14 years old now and retired. I have a collie now called JJ who I trained to take over from her.

    He alerts me to textphone, microwave ping, smoke alarm, doorbell etc. Also can get things out of washing machine and dryer, carries peg basket for me into garden, helps with undressing and getting socks/underwear out of bottom drawer or putting them in when putting away laundry.

    My furbabies are my lifeline and gives me something to get up for everyday.

    I work voluntarily at home now as had to take medical retirement. I research Assistive Technology and other elements of living with disability for the sites I help run for Rare Muscle Disorders and Cerebellar Ataxia's.
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