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I love springers
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Dec 7, 2013
Dec 3, 2010
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West Yorkshire

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I love springers

PetForums Senior, from West Yorkshire

I love springers was last seen:
Dec 7, 2013
    1. Cub88
      Hi, thanks for keeping an eye out for our dog. We're pleased to say he has been found this afternoon. Thank you for your help, it was very much appreciated.
    2. I love springers
      I love springers
      Hi..I had an angina attack and got took into hospital but am feeling a lot better now...Done a breed show on sunday and got 1st in grad with mummy bear...I have sold willow and she has gone to a lovely home in Garforth Leeds...How's things with you and the OH
    3. Sleeping_Lion
      Haven't seen you for a while, hope you're ok :)
    4. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Sounds good to me :D Spots are fine thanks, well as good as one of them can be anyway :lol: hopefully his toe is still a bit sensative so not going to panic yet :o he's got pins tomorrow so might get her to pull his leg ;) hope you have all you knitting done sounds like your gonna need a lot of booties :D x
    5. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      How's Missey doing? :) x
    6. I love springers
      I love springers
      She is going for her annual booster on thursday so am hoping she will get a clean bill of health when she gets a check over...If all is ok i am going to put her in pup while her feathers grow back on her leg....She has had all her health tests and they are fine...She is bouncing around like a normal springer so hopefully everything will be ok .....Thanks for asking and i will let you know how we get on at the vets..Alison
    7. cinnamontoast
      How's your girl? Is she all recovered?
    8. cinnamontoast
      Cool! I'm slightly obsessed with the breed!
    9. cinnamontoast
      Go to Edit Profile, top left. Albums and pictures. Click on it. Add album, upload pictures from Photobucket is easier (copy and paste the IMG code under the picture). You can only load three at a time, bit tedious, but worth it. :) Photobucket is a free hosting site, you just need to create an account. If you have a smart phone, download the Photobucket app for free (go to your Market place on your phone menu). You can then upload pics you took on your phone directly to Photobucket, loads at once.
    10. D4WN
      Please can you do me a big favour and remove the original post (if possible) regarding Gemma? I am happy for you to email me/contact me but I never publish my personal details online. My friends know where I keep my horses but there are people who I would rather didnt know. I found your post purely by accident after googling her name, it was the first thing to appear on my screen. Thanks
    11. D4WN
      Hi, I saw your post earlier regarding Gemma. I own her. Who are you? Im baffled. lol Who gave you my details?
    12. cinnamontoast
      I really think you should make an album so Ican stalk your springers!
    13. SmokeyRabbit
      Kent and Sussex Companion Dog Shows and Dog Related Events | Facebook
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    West Yorkshire
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