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Nov 12, 2008
Nov 8, 2008
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Nov 12, 2008
    1. linda lloyd
      linda lloyd
      u got any other pics of ur little furry gerbils ???
    2. StolenkissGerbils
      Well if you want to have gerbil babies you have to learn to have patience because they often have a varied pregnancy time, depending on if they were nursing a litter already when they became pregnant. It's not like humans or dogs!
    3. StolenkissGerbils
      Sigh...nope, still one big fat belly and no babies! Wish she would hurry up lol!
    4. StolenkissGerbils
      Heh :) Glad I could help!

      I have a care guide I give to people who are interested in getting baby gerbies from me. Would you like me to send you a copy of it? There might be some tips in there that you'd find useful. My e-mail addy is on my site, if you want a copy of the guide just e-mail me from there and I'll send it to you. There are also pictures of many of the different colours gerbils come in, so you can pick your faves and think about what you might like to breed if you decide to go that way. I hope you'd discuss it with your parents before you decide to breed small animals though. It's not all fun and games, things can and do go wrong, and you can end up with a whole lot of gerbils VERY quickly if you don't know what you're doing. The vet bills for sick baby gerbils will be much higher than what you'd get from selling them too. You can't make money from breeding gerbils unless you cut corners on care and do it on a huge scale - like a puppy mill for gerbils.
    5. StolenkissGerbils
      You should be able to find lots of people selling used fish tanks in the classifieds of your local newspaper, or other places like that - Craigslist etc. I've got lots of tanks for very little money by buying second hand.
    6. StolenkissGerbils
      It'll be tricky, you'll definitely need help and there's no guarantee it's going to work. If they're both adult males then they'll be trying to kill each other for quite a while before they calm down. A fish tank with a wire mesh lid is the best type of cage to use for this kind of thing - that way you can wedge the divider in diagonally so there's no easy way for them to just push it aside.

      I would talk to your parents about it and see how they feel because it's a longish commitment to make, split caging two adult males.

      You could also get two baby males from a good breeder and introduce Google and Pumpkin to a new baby each. Same method, but it won't be as difficult because the baby will always accept the big one as the boss. If you don't want to keep them with a pal, you'll have to just give them lots of attention and cuddles because gerbils live in big colonies in the wild and need company. If there isn't another gerbil friend in their life, you have to be their friend instead.
    7. StolenkissGerbils
    8. StolenkissGerbils
      They're both boys right? It often happens that if you get two same sex gerbils that aren't littermates, they will dislike each other. It'd be a better idea to keep them in separate cages/tanks if they're biting each other. Once a pair of gerbils decide to fight, they fight to the death, rolled up in a ball, going for each other's necks. Not something very nice :(

      Google's disability is probably part of the problem as well - he can't see where Pumpkin is and he probably gets a shock when he realises where Pumpkin is. Then he might lash out because he's surprised.
    9. StolenkissGerbils
    10. StolenkissGerbils
    11. StolenkissGerbils
      Well, she didn't have any, she fooled me again! She looks like she's swallowed a TENNIS ball now lol...
    12. StolenkissGerbils
      Well she had 8 for her first litter and she looks about the same size so...lol...

      Edit: just peeked at her, her water seems to have broken...:) babies!
    13. StolenkissGerbils
      No I don't think you're being stupid, people in other parts of the world often get Ireland and Scotland mixed up. The two countries are the closest of cousins. I think someone probably just made a mistake writing it down somewhere along the line and your gt gt aunt just took that mistake on good faith.

      Don't know if my gerbil was giving birth after all - she's overdue, she should have had them a couple of days ago. But now she's just chewing on her little wooden nest box! lol...well they do play tricks on you when you're waiting for the other shoe to drop. As long as they come out alive I don't mind when she has them :)
    14. StolenkissGerbils
      I don't know what you mean by an Irish clan...we don't have "clans" here - "clann" is just the Gaelic word for family. We don't really have a lot of people that aren't full Irish blooded here, other than the new immigrants. We don't have a lot of "mongrel" people like over there!

      Robert The Bruce wasn't Irish you know, he was Scottish...we don't have Sirs and Lords and Ladies here, that's a British thing. He was a king of Scotland before the UK had one monarch over all of it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_I_of_Scotland - and even though Mel Gibson would have you believe otherwise, it was Robert The Bruce and not William Wallace that was known as Braveheart!

      Gerbils don't hibernate, yours are probably just sleepy. I wouldn't worry about that. If they stay lethargic for days and days on end then I'd think about taking them to the vet. But they might just be up and about at times when you're not watching them.

      That site is great! Lol, they got it perfect, right on the nose! If we thought Bush was an idiot....:rolleyes: You know the joke right, about where Palin's new baby came from? It's McCain's kid, that's how she got picked for running mate :D hehehehe
    15. StolenkissGerbils
      Palin and all the Donald Rumsfelds, Dick Cheneys and Condoleezza Rices - they can't be good for things as they are now :-( It worries me that Palin is talking about 2012 now. I sincerely hope that the voters are smarter than to put her in office. Can't see it happening as the climate is now, but then again look at how much things can change in 4 years. None of us had even heard of Barack Obama 4 years ago - well barely any of us.

      Yes, I'm Irish, a Dubliner :) Plenty of people out your way have a little bit of Irish in them - little bit of everything really, that's what the US and Canada are about. Wouldn't be surprised if there was a bit of Irish in Mr Obama too - he has just about every other nationality in his family tree lol!

      Hey - you wanna hear something cool? I think my gerbil is about to give birth any minute! :-) her two older baby girls are sniffing her like they can smell the birth coming, and she's making herself a nice nest!
    16. StolenkissGerbils
      Well nobody in government in ANY country, from ANY party, is without problems. Be sure he'll do things that you won't like. But he's better than the embarassment that's leaving, that's for sure!

      Don't be embarrassed about thinking he's hot - he IS hot. Any time I've talked about him to other women they've said the same thing. Maybe your friends are a bit too young to find him hot though! lol Although he doesn't look the age he is - he looks about 10 years younger.

      I think if McCain had got in the biggest problem would be the people that went along with him, not McCain himself. His concession speech was so dignified and gracious, it was very clear that he was a decent man with a good heart and spirit. He isn't a hardliner like some in the party. I don't agree with his political or religious leanings but it doesn't take a genius to tell he is a nice man, and he has a lot of wisdom from his life experiences.

      Palin on the other hand - what an absolute class A idiot. Made me sick to see her batting her big pretty eyes at the cameras and using her looks as a selling point. She was only short of shaking her hair down out of her hairclip and leaning over to give the camera a good shot of her clevage...ugh, she gives women a bad name - her and the bimbos like her.

      I think Hillary would have been the best choice of all for president but our friend Barry will do very nicely for me ;-)
    17. StolenkissGerbils
      Well I'm not from the UK but I think 95% of the world is happier with Obama. Nice to have some eye candy in the White House for once! I'm sorry, but Eisenhower and Reagan didn't do it for me :p
    18. StolenkissGerbils
      Lol no I meant Barack Obama :p unless he's been in a movie I haven't heard about??? lol
      You certainly know your stuff......i couldn't bring myself to feed live animals although i know it's more natural to them. It's nice that you have such an interest in them. I think thy are lovely to hold. Most people think they will be slimy but nothing is further from the truth. My favourite snake as far as looks go is the Cobra....beautiful creature.
      Thanks for the friend request....are snakes expensive to keep?
      A friend of mine had a cornsnake....it was lovely but your Albino sounds better.
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    I love reptiles, such as my snake, Renn. I also own two gerbils one is blind, for he has no eyes. The blind one's name is Google and he is black, and the normal gerbil is Pumpkin, a tanish-orange gerbil. Then, I have a cockateil, Ittle and he is 16 years old. Last, but certainly not least, my fire-bellied toad, Leslie.

    I love to play with my pets.


    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]Barack Obama!
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