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Jan 6, 2021
May 9, 2008
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Jan 4, 1979 (Age: 42)
15mins from the Yorkshire Dales.
Tedious IT - it pays the bills and a bit more.

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PetForums VIP, 42, from 15mins from the Yorkshire Dales.

hutch6 was last seen:
Jan 6, 2021
    1. rona
      Where are you lovely man?

      Miss you on here.

      Hoping it's because you are having fun
    2. StormyKnight
      Hi Hutch, any chance of a contact for some rabbits, near Middlesbrough please?
      many thanks, Marion
    3. markcymru
      hi looking for some wabbits in Ebbw Vale, Abergavenny ,im in the newport area heres my contact email markcymru2@gmail.com,regards mark.
    4. Harveybash
      Well I didn't say you couldn't see, did I ...
    5. Harveybash
      Agreed .. it isn't lol
    6. Harveybash
      Ah well there was me about to show you ... but then I realised my shirt wasn't tied up in my pics ....
    7. Harveybash
      Haha ... oh really!
    8. Harveybash
      Don't act all innocent lol. I've got pics of me in a cow girl outfit ... but if i put them up, I'm pretty sure i'd be looked at like a piece of meat (god that sounds big headed lol .. didn't mean like that haha) :D
      Anyway poor Hutch, with all the girlies after him :p
    9. Harveybash
      Aww .. I think you're loving the attention really ;) .. After all you did start it by putting up those lumberjack pics lol
    10. Harveybash
      Crazy you mean? ;) Haha yeah just a tad. They'd eat you alive given the chance lol
    11. Harveybash
      Well .. I don't know if you've been back on that 'then and now photos' thread, or if you did and got scared off (:laugh:) .. But you've certainly had some response lol! .. You should read it, hilarious! :)
    12. lemmsy
      Fab thanks! All sent so we'll see what he says!

      Haha- they'd be no need to tell one of them. She's the "hover in the kitchen just in case" type :rolleyes:
    13. lemmsy
      Thanks Hutch!
      Just replying to him now.

      Not gonna lie, one of the dogs' bunnies might get napped for us for a nice rabbit stew :P
      Sorry another question again: Going rate for squizzers? I've heard they're more expensive. Illogical considering they're tiny by comparison but maybe the speciality/rarity value at a guess.

      Thanks again for the help :)
    14. lemmsy
      Hi, Thanks. Just to let you know received the email. Setup sounds ideal, so will get back to him ASAP.

      I also have a question if it's not to cheeky to ask. He's been asking me about price/how much I'd be willing to pay. What does the going rate for whole rabbits tend to be? He can offer me squirrels too. All sounds fab. The dogs will be chuffed!

      Thanks again for you help :)
    15. MCWillow
      :lol: :lol: Thanks for the rep :D
    16. lemmsy
      Wow that was quick work! Fabulous thanks.
      Will ping you over a PM now. I may know other local raw feeders who may be interested too when they've got room in their freezers , so will ask about.
      Cheers :)
    17. lemmsy
      Brilliant. Thank you :)
    18. lemmsy
      Was looking at the thread in health/nutrition. Dunno if you still go wabbit shooting and if you knew of any suppliers in Hampshire (Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester) or even West Sussex- Chichester way? I know it's not the season any more but just wondering for future reference as would be handy to know for myself and other raw feeder friends.
      Thanks :)
    19. myshkin
      :D Thanks.
    20. hippymama
      thank you for the rep :) your comment was very kind x
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  • About

    Jan 4, 1979 (Age: 42)
    15mins from the Yorkshire Dales.
    Tedious IT - it pays the bills and a bit more.
    I am an outgoing, thrill seeking, blonde haired, blue eyed, outdoor, happy individual. I am a rock to my family and have been given the name "laughing boy" by my hero - my dad.
    I have had animals all of my life and God only knows why I didn't study to be a vet. Ah well, maybe one day.
    I speak my mind and try no to mince my words which some say makes me the perfect Capricorn. I am just me.

    I will turn my hand to any sport as I tend to have a bit of a competative streak which surfaces when sport is involved. I have represented my county at cricket, my schools at every sport and have continued to play football up until a couple of years ago when my knees needed operations.

    I can be found most weekends wandering the wilderness, lost in thought and plans of greatness.

    I take a great interest where my food comes from too so I will try and source most of it myself rather than leaving that to Mr Morrisons or Mrs Asda. This said I love fly fishing and all the artistry that it brings, the banter of beating for shoots and I love helping friends out on their farms.

    I have two cats - Marley (blue & white) and Nelson (black), a Border Collie Dillon and three fish (no names). I am looking to introduce a second dog to my Ark as soon as the right one comes along.
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