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Jan 22, 2012
Feb 9, 2010
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Norwich, UK

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PetForums Senior, from Norwich, UK

huskylover23 was last seen:
Jan 22, 2012
    1. Waterlily
    2. Maiisiku
      Thanks hun. How are you doing? It's freezing here.
    3. noushka05
      thank you hun, hope youre doing okay aswell xxx
    4. DoubleTrouble
      Thank you for the rep!
    5. xXhayleyroxX
      Oh okay ^_^ thanks x
    6. xXhayleyroxX
      It says 'content not found ' :( xx
    7. xXhayleyroxX
      Which photo of Misty did you want again? I wasn't sure if you specified a one :o xxx
    8. hobbs2004
      Thanks for the rep! What we would suggest if she was a pet lol
    9. Waterlily
      LOL I would love to say I'm a rebel but its more like an act of spontaneous stupidity it just follows me pmsl :D
    10. Waterlily
      Lmao :D nah I do it anyway they just clean up after me :D
    11. Waterlily
      hahaha I posted one here called Amy the knob for a laugh but the thread was deleted it was funny and in jest but they didnt think it was so it got the cull :D

      link me ;)
    12. Waterlily
      Thanks mate for the rep :D it will be deleted when the mods see it lmao :D
    13. noushka05
      i know you wont give up on her without doing all you can hun xxx
    14. noushka05
      aw thats such ashame i really hope things improve for you and the dogs:( xx, if things dont improve and you cant cope and need to find her a new home, again you would be better talking to Mick, because it would be awful if she were placed in another home and that didnt work out, through rescue homes are vetted throughly xx
    15. noushka05
      sorry to hear theyve been fighting, theyre probably trying to establish dominance, tbh i dont stand for any fighting ive got 6 dogs here i just cant risk them having a scrap:eek6: altho in saying that they have had a couple of squabbles this year nothing serious thank goodness 1 over an apple the other over a piece of string:rolleyes: lol and all the bitches were in season at the time:arf:...if i see a couple of them looking extra cocky with each other im really firm and shout at them, i wont let anything escalate if i think it will i put one in the pen till they calm down...why dont you pm Raindog on here he deals with rescues all the time mixing them in with his pack...hes got tons of experience, or why not join a husky forum you'll get people on there who have probably had similar experiences to what youre going through:)..i bet when you can get Lady out and burn some of that energy off things will improve xxx
    16. sid&kira
      who starts the playfighting?? when they start say leave quite loudly, if they dont then put the one who starts it in a crate or in another room for 10 mins. then let them out. thats what we done and now he stops when we say leave. tho we dont crate when we go out, so it doesnt matter if we use it for punishment
    17. sid&kira
      they're ok now, the odd fight over food or a toy but nothing serious. What started your 2 off then??
    18. noushka05
      glad to hear Ladys legs healing well the hydrotherapy should help a lot ive heard of great results from dogs who've had hydo, omg norty Lady! these huskies really are mischievios arnt they!:eek6:, Shadow has just shredded a toilet roll all over the dining room it looked like it had been snowing! the sod!!:lol: oh well theres never a dull moment with them is there:p

      it must be really hard trying to get her to rest that leg especially when Suki's wanting to play, im sure all your hard work will pay of tho:) xxxx
    19. noushka05
      im really glad she won that title she really deserved it xxx me and the doglets are fine ty, we're just off to the forest with them to give them a good run:)

      how are you and your 2 doing?
    20. noushka05
      just wanted to let you know i voted for Misty in the competition:) xx
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    Norwich, UK



    Mummy to Alexis RIP my beautiful daughter and Lacey my reason to smile xxxxxx
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