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Feb 25, 2014
Feb 17, 2014
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Feb 25, 2014
    1. SLB
      Oh thats great if you can take him into work with you. But as mentioned in your thread, dogs do need to learn to be on their own. You will learn so much from forums; I mainly use them for posting photos and rants about idiots I meet when walking my dogs. But being on forums for 4 years I have made so many friends, both online and in real life. Stick with it, Grow a tougher skin in some regards and you'll make it :)
    2. SLB
      Don't just leave because of one person. The forum is full of people who are passionate about animals and yes you may get heated debates in there and there are rude people too. You were just unfortunate to get a member that posted a disillusion situation. Owning dogs should be fun, not a burden and if you have to be around 24/7 because of your dog then you're not living your life either. My 3 would absolutley love it if I was around all day every day and for 4 days of the week I am mostly. But I do need to work, I do need to go food shopping, I do like to go into town and have a look at things for myself and I do like to meet up with old friends and have a coffee or something stiffer. Dogs don't understand the concept of time for short periods IMO and video evidence proves that my 3 just sleep when I'm out be it for 20 minutes or 8 hours.
    3. SLB
      I never got to say my piece on your thread.

      However I think your set up is a hell of a lot better than mine was when I got my second pup. I only work part time and mainly at weekends (when my OH is home from his job) but at the time just after I got my second pup my work rota changed. I ended up with a 6 hour shift during the week, with an hour travelling time either side so no chance to come home during my 15 minute break. She had free run of the kitchen with my other dog the other side of a baby gate and paper down by the door. This was from 12 weeks onwards so she was dry but not able to hold it for the whole day. She managed Ok. I wouldn't do it again but at the time I had no choice. So don't worry about other peoples opinions. It could be worse. :)
    4. westie~ma
      Hello, I've closed your thread.
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