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Sep 17, 2020
Jan 17, 2014
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Jan 24, 1970 (Age: 50)
Village on the edge of the Chilterns
Ex longhaul hostie

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Feline Forum Fashionista, Female, 50, from Village on the edge of the Chilterns

Happy New Year! Dec 31, 2017

huckybuck was last seen:
Sep 17, 2020
    1. huckybuck
      Very fed up!
      1. Ceiling Kitty
        Ceiling Kitty
        What you fed up about chicken?
        Apr 22, 2015
      2. huckybuck
        Aww thanks for asking Shosh. I'm not very techy and finding it a struggle to cope with PF change. Was going from thread to thread trying to find answers, some I still can't get. All too time consuming at the moment. I usually enjoy and love PF.
        Apr 22, 2015
      3. Ceiling Kitty
        Ceiling Kitty
        It'll be alright. I know it's frustrating but within a couple of weeks it'll all feel normal again, promise. ;)
        Apr 22, 2015
    2. idris
      That post was so funny I have given you my first ever rep. Don't think it's worth that much tho :cornut:
    3. chillminx
      Many thanks for the rep hun:). Respect to you, for being upbeat and proactive about the little fellow's situation. I really think it's the best way to deal with a potentially worrying scenario. :) Best to you.
    4. wyntersmum
      She is on there but the pic is of her brother when you click onto it then it showed you all 3 of the beauties. But my heart did jump when I saw her though
    5. Citruspips
      Thanks for the rep.. Your cats are so beautiful please keep sharing your photos. X
    6. anachronism
      They are not worth your time hun. Your cats are gorgeous, happy and loved
    7. mudgekin
      Thanks for the rep sweetie. Ignorance and jealousy are not attractive traits. She has those flaws in spades. (Hugs)
    8. sarahecp
      Thank you for the rep :) xxx
      There was no need for it! She crawls out of the woodwork every now and then and likes to cause trouble :mad:
    9. Chillicat
      Thank you for the rep, I was annoyed and for once just couldn't keep it quiet. Please don't let it upset you, your cats are your world we all know that and they are happy and healthy which is all any of us could ever ask for from our pets. xx
    10. Lunabuma
      Thank you for the rep. The user in question has an awful lot of threads she's started closed, let alone other people's. I'll be surprised if she lasts any longer if she keeps going arguing for the sake of it. I like to be a bit facetious anyway :D
    11. wyntersmum
      I think your fluffies look great xxxxxx.
    12. buffie
      Thanks for the rep,but there is no need to thank me.
      Laurac was totally out of order with her irrelevant comments . From what I could tell they were said to stir up the sh*t something she can be quite good at.
      It is a pity as she can contribute a lot to discussions when she isn't being ar*ey :)
    13. Sophiebee
      Thank you for the rep ive only just noticed!! Xx
    14. The Wild Bunch
      The Wild Bunch
      Thank you for the rep my lovely xxx
    15. CaninoAnimalRescue
      I've just caught up with the secret Santa thread and worked out the poem :-) I can't thank you enough, it was so so generous of you and the cats are having a wonderful time with all of their pressies, I'll try to get some photos to you asap! Happy new year cxx
    16. Ali71
      Hi Huckybuck, hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family and friends, Suki and Milo wonder if you are their Secret Santa?
    17. JordanRose
      I will try and find out for you :)
    18. Jonescat
      Love your sig! and thanks for the rep.
    19. Sophiebee
      Thank you for rep, im so looking forward to seeing your xmas tree!! X
    20. Erenya
      Thanks for my blob :) As far as I'm concerned, these cats look to me for all their needs and I just want to the best for them - even if that does mean going over the top :)

      Your three are just so stunning by the way! :)
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    Jan 24, 1970 (Age: 50)
    Village on the edge of the Chilterns
    Ex longhaul hostie
    Stay at home mummy to Huckleberry (11), Holly Golightly (9) Miss Grace Kelly (5) and Heathcliff (4) all maine coons. I'm 48 but still feel like I'm 18..stuck in a time warp at uni in the 80's. Love anything vintage especially 30s/40s/50s.

    PFs!! Apart from my babies I have 3 orpington hens to look after. An avid golfer. Like to bake, read, photography and crochet.


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