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Dec 9, 2015
Apr 10, 2012
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Dec 9, 2015
    1. theevos5
      Also noticed your 2 have dicky tums have you tried csj??Alf used to have to have chappie on his food as he had permanent runs but since swapping him 18 months ago he is fantastic.They are great at giving out generous samples and they are rather cheap as well.I have no complaints about it at all
      Dog Food for gundogs, sheepdogs, agility dogs, and show dogs.
    2. theevos5
      Alf is welsh! from the Isle of Angelsey!I would get a girl next lol!But not for a long time we have worked so hard with Alf I really don't want to add anything to the mix at the moment.Plus we hope to have moved to France in the next 5 years,so thats when we will get more doggies!
      I noticed you said you used to go to music festivals,(Been trawling your threads as I looked and I was away in France when you joined)where have you been?We have done Glastonbury for the last 3 years and its been amazing but I won't be going back now!If hubby wants to go he can go with mates!Last year was treacherous with all the mud and I spend all my time trying to stay upright,it was like ice so slippy and it ruined it for me as I was petrified to have a drink incase I fell over.lol
    3. theevos5
      Thanks very much regarding Alf,he is one of those dogs,that people stop the car to stroke,he is stunning,even my son who is 20 last year was walking him and a bus driver stopped for 5 mins and asked him loads of questions about Alf while there were people sitting on the bus tutting!
      Keep up with the french! I have been having private lessons for 5 years and its really paid off!I am fine now and there isn't a situation that would scare me,about speaking french and it gets you lots of kudos as we have had free meals for the kids got them into horse racing free and alsorts just by being able to converse.
      Your two are lovely how did you end up getting littermates?I think you may have joined around easter time when we were away for 2 weeks so I didn't catch you when you first started posting
    4. Labrador Laura
      Labrador Laura
      Thank you for the rep :) Glad the photo made you laugh, it made me cry when i saw it i've never laughed so much at a photo!! x
    5. theevos5
      IKnow,I look at other dogs traits with fab recall and I wouldn't swap him for the world! Ihave never ever had any problem with Alf,he only ever growls in his sleep,has never showed us anything but slobbers and I think I can put up with his recall being the way it is,its not a bad trade off.Even the other day when his dew claw was hanging off,I knew he wasn't happy but he still let me get the last bit of it off for him,God some peoples dogs would have bitten at that point!
      The number of people that come and give advice for recall and ask have you tried this and that and I think I have probably worked 5 times as hard as them with recall and tried everything.Unless they have another hound I find it hard to even give them the time of day!!We take liver out every day but if he gets a scent he is off,I can distract him when he is starting on a sniff but once he is tracking its all over!Takes a special person to have a hound,I thank god every day that we found each other,I love him to bits.
    6. theevos5
      Truffling sounds amazing,couldn't train Alf as he is too greedy!! but would love to see.
      Our neighbours are taking mu hubby out on a french shoot in the summer,that will be an eye opener.Last year we had 2 wildboars literally run straight past us when we were walking! then one ran in front of my son on his bike and then we had a whole family of them walk in front of the car one night.Then our neighbour went and culled them all on the sunday!They are farmers and the boar destroy their crops and they say it takes 4 years for the rotation to come around and it costs them alot of money to leave them alive!
      We love going foraging for wild mushrooms and everything there!So stick with your dream and hopefully one day,it will be a reality x
    7. theevos5
      Where we have our house in France,they hunt all around it,especially in the field at the bottom of our garden,it is amazing,but pretty scary to see them out with their shotguns when we are out for a walk,especially after dinner,knowing they will have been drinking pastis as well!!We have had a hard time,with Alf with his recall,one week like this week,we think we have it cracked and then he will surprise us and really we are no better than a year ago when we were struggling!Its the only thing I wish I had a hand on,as he is perfect in every way,but I can compromise 2 hours a day of fiendishness when he is so good for the rest of the day!
    8. theevos5
      Oooh yeah,sounds like a plan!!! I just love the chasse dogs they are so lovely and I am a sucker for sad eyes and floppy ears,we were looking at buying some barns and opening a kennels over there but it all fell through,thats another dream of mine too!!
      the eurotunnel is really good,thats what we use every time,they have great fenced off exercise area and we have never had a problem with checking in etc and if you are early they let you on the next crossing.really cannot fault them,so hurry up and get that next passport and get exploring!!!
    9. theevos5
      I too,want to take in all the waifs and strays over there,I love the french hounds and have wanted a Porcelaine since someone on here got me addicted!!I had the chance of having one,but it was in France and the logistics of getting here
      back here and passported wouldn't work until the summer hols and she has a new home now!! Plus I don't think it will work unless we are settled over there.We are fortunate in that Alf travels so well,he is in the car for 16hrs and we would be lucky to get another like him!Nice to know there is someone on here likeminded!!
    10. theevos5
      Thanks for the rep,where in France do you want to live? we love it there and go away every 6 weeks or so.I love your dogs by the way,They are gorgeousxx
    11. IndysMamma
      thanks for the rep :)
    12. mollymo
      Thankyou for the rep....only just noticed:rolleyes::D
    13. Milliepoochie
      Thank You for the rep :-) Lol I have finger ache after that one hehe
    14. Pointermum
      Thank you for the rep :)
    15. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome :D x
    16. moonviolet
      Thanks for the rep. :)
    17. DoggieBag
      thanks for the rep.
    18. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep.
    19. thedogsmother
      I get it from pet food discount centre on Albert street at Lockwood, its worth giving them a ring to make sure they have a bag in stock though, if they dont they will get you one either that day or the next, its £19.20 for a 15kg bag. Gsds have notoriously sensitive stomachs and my two manage really well on it. If you cant park on Albert Street itself (it can be really parked up a lot of the time) they do have a little car park at the back, you turn by the side the building.
    20. vickieb
      Thanks :D if I have coped with Ernie then I think any other dog must be ok! At least we have not been spoilt with a perfect puppy for our 1st dog :) I think we can take anything now. But I know it will be hard. Going to get him his face tea, some wine and talk him round, well I have already decided, but need to let him think he is oking it even tho the decision is made ha ha
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