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Horse and Hound
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Feb 22, 2014
May 12, 2010
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June 7
Preston, land of the gods!

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Horse and Hound

PetForums VIP, from Preston, land of the gods!

Horse and Hound was last seen:
Feb 22, 2014
    1. DoodlesRule

      Re CM's thread, Lots seem to have the wrong end of the stick, Dogless thread meant for other members suffering from mental health issues to stumble across a thread when not expecting it, it could trigger their own MH issues
    2. Buddys Owner
      Buddys Owner
      Hi just joined and noticed you have a staffy. How is it with other dogs smaller? We have a cross Lhasa / Yorkie but are thinking we have made a mistake. Someone told us the Staffy can hurt the lhasa as he gets bigger, just through play?
    3. DobermannZoe
      Hi Thanks for the compliment on Zeus, Yes Brown/Red is the correct term :) x
    4. Quinzell
      Thank you for the rep.....just wish it was over a happier subject xxx
    5. dorrit
      Thanks for the rep and the message. Oscar did have a terrible start but his ribs and other wounds healed and he has become my most wonderful friend and compainion.
      We are now nearing the end of his time and I hope I can make his last days happy and comfortable ..
    6. Mum2Heidi
      Will have a look in a mo.
      Congrats for Sunday - well done!!
    7. Mum2Heidi
      Hope the bomb goes off successfully and nobbles any straglers.
      Once your stuff arrives and that's done, you'll be able to sit back and relax. Prob get enough drops to do the boys' 2 consecutive months to be absolutely sure.
      Altho Advantage needs doing monthly, I was impressed with it and happier to use something that only lasts a month tbh.
      Will wait further updates :-) x
    8. Mum2Heidi
      It sounds good - as tho you may have nipped it in the bud but you never can tell. Will keep everything crossed and in the meantime, keeeeeeeeeep combing lol!!!
    9. Mum2Heidi
      When Heidi and the cats had them, I only saw them on them and one in the water bowl. I was worried because I have the grand children. Once I got the stuff that worked, they were history.
      I always steam clean carpets floor furnishings regularly but after that incident, I will be spraying yearly as well.
      Try not to worry too much. If you do catch any, they can jump out of water but sink almost immediately in soapy water. x
    10. Mum2Heidi
      Tbh it doesnt sound as tho you have a bad infestation and I'm sure you will be ok till the stuff arrives.
      It's not nice, but if you keep doing what you're doing, it shouldnt get out of hand and the spray/drops will be an end to it x
    11. Mum2Heidi
      Sorry bit of a mad day, not been here much.
      Yes, the RIP was excellent!! 4Fleas and Frontline worked for 2wks.
      I did the house and the animals the same day. Then the animals monthly for a couple of months.
      New carpet today. First job - sprayed RIP lol

      I reckon you'll soon get on top of it :-)
    12. Tula&Iver~cavs
      Thank you for the rep :)
    13. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep, wouldn't let anyone make me leave, I'm far too much of a nuisance to be got rid of that easily, lol. xx
    14. Blitz
      thank you. that is what comes of getting dogs from 'unethical' breeders. They are bred to be rough and tough! Candy is the best ratter we have ever had and Toffee is pure yob!
    15. Blitz
      thank you very much.
    16. colette85
      what can i say your dogs are beauties :)
    17. Cassia
      Thankyou so much for the rep :) x
    18. Cockerpoo lover
      Cockerpoo lover
      I'm getting fed up with all the crossbreed threads now- getting silly and some of the anti-cross brigade are getting bitchy and childish, and are ruining a good adult debate.

      In future think I will try and leave them to just bitch amongst themselves.
    19. Cockerpoo lover
    20. SEVEN_PETS
      i know. so rude. you sound like you have a fab dog and he sounds like a great cross. :)
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    June 7
    Preston, land of the gods!
    Horse riding, drinking, reading, singing, dancing, walking my doggy!


    Give Staffies a chance. ​
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