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Honeys mum
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Jun 25, 2020
Jan 11, 2013
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Honeys mum

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Jun 25, 2020
    1. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep
    2. lostbear
      No problem. When I was new to the forum I had a little lump of reps collected before I realised what they were and that it was customary to say thank you :). It took me months to work it out, and even then a noter member had to explain it to me in simple words and short phrases :D
    3. love my boxer
      love my boxer
      Hi im sorry for upsetting everybody on my last thread, but before you judge someone maybe you should figure out all the facts about me..... I have called the vet everyday since birth.... I have called vet if I suspected something wrong.... according to the vet im doing a pretty damn good job at taking care of these pups.... im sorry that I left my dog outside unattended during heat... if I could go back in time I would I wish I didnt leave her unattended but it happens...
    4. welshjet
      Opps, hit by mistake, but 'hello'
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    I showed bred and judged at all levels cocker spaniels for 30 plus yrs.
    I don't show anymore, but still judge occasionally when asked, we kept all our beautiful cockers until they went to the bridge.
    We are now into rescue dogs and our first rescue girl is a beautiful Wheaton terrier cross who was brought over from Ireland by Dogs Trust, we have found Honey so rewarding, she was a nervous wreck when we got her scared of everything and everybody, but is progressing into a normal dog and gives us so much pleasure.
    We are so lucky to have found her and eventually hope to add more rescue dogs to our home, as we find helping the rescues so rewarding, and help all we can.

    My hobbies are
    Gardening, I'm a plantoholic
    walking in the beautiful countryside here we live.
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