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Aug 23, 2018
May 30, 2012
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August 30
In the Valley of tranquillity
Full time Mum/Part time Antique Furniture Restorer

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PetForums VIP, from In the Valley of tranquillity

Holtie was last seen:
Aug 23, 2018
    1. CaliDog
      hellooooooooooooooo No i haven't seen that is it good? Cali is a bit better today feed her a bit of bland diet which stayin in so OH gave her normal dinner (which i told him not too MEN lol) just gave her teatime and still hasn't came out but have only been giving her small amounts but its staying in for now just need to see how it comes out the other end ........ they joys of dog ownership ..checking poo lol
    2. CaliDog
      there must be i hope she will be ok am sure its nothing but you cant help but worry can you anything nice planed for this evening? ...............am so dim i posted this to myself and only just noticed!
    3. CaliDog
      hello love all is well but i have been to work today nad came back n break to find Cali has got the poops :( which is not good all her food is going straight through her but am sure she will be fine :) how are things with you :)
    4. jetsmum
      It would be nice to stay in touch, thanks.
      Jet hates getting wet, so I have to keep him well away from the mud hole on the fields where he goes free running. It's his own fault, he won't let me bath him and it takes forever with bowls of water and towels.!!
      Off out in a bit to try and catch the sun before it goes away again!
    5. CaliDog
      I think am gunna take the whole family with me lol i might need to they do seem a bit dim!
      anyways i am going to attempt to log out i say attempt because i always say this and still end up on here hours later! and go to bed as i have work in the morning at 8 booooooooo
      speak soon
      Annalise & Cali
    6. CaliDog
      oooooo well done you now you have got the hang of it i am hoping to see your lovely girls more often they are too cute!

      yer i think thats the best thing to do thinking about it, hopefully it will get sorted i dont want to get to the airport as a MR lol
    7. CaliDog
      yep Cali is great as i am too :D

      i know we got the email today and i was fuming the amount we have paid (a small bloody fortune) and they can not even get my name right! right rant over now lol

      Yes had a great day today i have been off work which has been great so me and OH took the dog to see her dog best mate missy and they were play fighting which was cute as Cali has never been brave enough to do that plus missy is a huge american bulldog so go cali! lol
      how has your day been? :)
    8. CaliDog
      hiya, just a quick message to say hi hope you and poochies are well :)
    9. cinnamontoast
      Zak in a cage for several days will be pure torture for us, let alone him, poor man! I will need much wine! :D
    10. cinnamontoast
      I'll do pictures later of sleepy boy. Gonna go and get him some chicken breast now and more wine, we've run out, horrifically! :eek:
    11. cinnamontoast
      Google Photobucket. Join, it's free. You can upload pics and vids onto Photobucket then copy and paste the img code from the list of codes under the pic/vid. It will embed into your post so it's visible without clicking onto a link. Just put lots of swimming pics of Bear and Brig up. Zak is beng neutered today, not what I wanted, but I'm hoping it'll stop him being so aggressive. :(
    12. cinnamontoast
      I only know people on here with spangles. The husband grew up with them hence the breed choice. There are lots round here but we have to avoid other dogs cos Zak is very DA, unfortunately. Bear cub is fine today, did his Tigger impression down the path to the lake where he and Brig had half an our of swimming. :)
    13. katie200
      Hi, how are you and your pets today???
    14. katie200
      Ha! Ha! Oh, for sure we need her on the thread, she started it. :D :D
    15. katie200
      I know I hope she come and add to the thread soon, I am glad she started it, its been really fun!!! :D :D
    16. katie200
      Ya!Ya! Thanks definitely lots of chats and giggling fun!!!! :) :)
    17. katie200
      I have friend requested you!!!! :)
    18. CaliDog
      I love those doggies! i am already looking into getting another for when Cali is older they are on my short list! haha............ Addictive omg yes...i think it helps when all the members are so helpful and friendly! never too shy to post as i am a lurker on other forums lol :D
    19. CaliDog
      i dont think your batty :) i do have a tag for her with all our contact details and shes microchipped too :D i have got loads for piccies of Cali just need to upload them....is that your dog in your pic? what type of dog is it a ESS?
    20. CaliDog
      Me and my OH really wanted a dog and i jumped to the chance of having a border collie and he did too as he grew up with one and i grew up with a collie cross but as i researched into it i thought oh my god i can not have one of thoses there too high energy for me and then started looking at like couch potato style dogs but still wanted a border collie so i thought sod it!! I am only young and we are both energetic enough to take her on big walks and agility ect .... so then started to look for a border collie breeder and after weeks of looking my OH says to me " oh my dads wife breeds border collies! i thought you knew" so luckily she had just had a litter and then Cali arrived :D
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    August 30
    In the Valley of tranquillity
    Full time Mum/Part time Antique Furniture Restorer
    Hello there!

    I am married with a young daughter and two Springer spaniels - Jasmine & Coco.

    I've always lived with dogs and before we had Jasmine, I had a lovely Border Collie called Kahli who was 18 before she was taken for long walkies in the sky - a fantastically loyal and loving companion - really miss you Kahli xx

    I have been brought up with dogs since a baby and will always have dogs until I am unable to!

    On here to meet loads of new people and learn lots! To have a laugh as well!

    Thank you for reading!

    Meeting people and making friends.
    Dog walking either by myself or with friends with or without dogs. Reading. Cinema.
    I like quite a wide range of music except rap, blues and Jazz.
    Blondie, Fleetwood Mac and Abba are a few of my favourite groups. Having said that, my daughter is introducing me to 'newer' music as she thinks I'm stuck in the 80s' and 90s' era!


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