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Aug 23, 2018
May 30, 2012
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August 30
In the Valley of tranquillity
Full time Mum/Part time Antique Furniture Restorer

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PetForums VIP, from In the Valley of tranquillity

Holtie was last seen:
Aug 23, 2018
    1. CaliDog
      hello lovely
      how are you and poochies ?
    2. Born2BWild
      It's so bad, how people can be so selfish and heartless for money :( The sad thing is that there are many puppy farms around...thank you for your message x
    3. Lola71
      Thanks for the rep! x
    4. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep; very kind! x
    5. Phoolf
      Oooh far too much, aside from dog walking I spend most my life on my laptop, always have done much to everyones dismay. There's just too much to read on the internet and not enough time!! I don't know what I'd do with my time without posting on forums all day... probably something productive :D

      Carys x
    6. Phoolf
      Me too! I think you're the first one I've asked :D

      Carys x
    7. Holtie
      Hi there!

      First of all, I hope your little chap is recovering well!
      He is so lucky to have someone like you who didn't walk away from him.

      When we were looking for our ESS, we came upon this advert and there was a picture with it. I took a good look at it and didn't like the look of the crate the poor puppies were in, no carpeting, just soggy newspapers. From what I could make out, the puppies didn't look lively and just seemed very listless.
      I showed this advert to a friend of mine and she was the one who told me about this place, I can't recall the name of the place at the moment but if you are still interested, I can find out for you. It was also a gut feeling I had about this place as well and I don't trust anyone who just gives out their mobile number.

      Please don't feel bad about going to this place. You were not to know and these type of people are extremely manipulative.

      PM if you would like to know anything else!

    8. arabellaphoenix

      I saw your post on the thread about the stolen puppies/puppy farm near where you live and wondered if you can give me any more information? I have replied to the thread with all the details of what has happened to us (it's too long so won't let me copy in here).

      Any help/info you can give me would be so useful.

      Many thanks,

    9. CaliDog
      ello lovely!
      its so quiet without poochies isn't it...far too strange for my liking
      am not doing much apart from my sis in law is making me a roast dinner!
      which shall sort my little hangover (well big hangover) out :(
      although Cali did have a fun time
    10. CaliDog
      pooter is on! Although Cali is asleep....i admitt i have not been Cali needs her walk............KEVVVVVVVV!
    11. CaliDog
      Thats what OH is for haha!
    12. CaliDog
      OK post some pics when you have the chance!
      hopefully i wont be so hungover that i cant turn on pooter
      speak soon
    13. CaliDog

      Don't worry about it :) Lovely to hear from you

      Cali is great she has been sleeping most of the day today but she will soon wake up we are going for a "sleepover" me and OH are going to Sis in Laws for a meal and drink but they have 3 dogs Who Cali love and plus she does dog sitting and has another 2 there so there will be 6 dogs in total :scared: going to be a fun night!

      Yes get more piccies of your two we don't see enough of them glad to hear your well

      lots of love
      Annalise & Cali
    14. CaliDog
      hi stranger!
      how have you and poochies been
    15. springerpete
      Hi Tuhina, thanks for your message. I've just picked him up from the vets, his face is still a little puffy and he's a bit tired, I imagine that's as much about the fact he's been howling the place down all afternoon. His leg is a bit swollen where the drip was inserted but he seems bright enough, the vet says there's no reason for him not to makea full recovery. He's got a course of antibiotics and a reducing course of steroids to finish his treatment.
      I love my dogs and the pleasure they give me, but sometimes they can cause so much worry, still, it goes with the territory.. Nice to hear from you. Take care. Pete.
    16. CaliDog
      hi its nice to get away sometimes isn't it... i dont think that film is my kind of thing but the OH may like it! i have been shopping to day and abused my card far too much treated my self to a kindle! its amazing! Cali seems to be ok how are your two :)
    17. katie200
      Hi JTHolt.

      :lol: :lol: yep slowly, cool sound like you had fun!!! :)

      Have you done anymore writing? I agree too hot for me to I am more a winter type person. :D
    18. katie200
      Ha! Ha! Lucky dogs, its so hot here too, so Jessie playing with some Ice cubes.While I catch up on sme house work, sorta. :lol:

      She went to the woods with m sister yesturday and met up with elle a lab friend of her she came back super hyper.

      Hope you have a lovely day by the river. :)
    19. katie200
      Hi JTHolt.

      It's been so hot here, too hot for me, but Jessie loves it and the cats are window bathing.

      Sound like you had a nice time at Yorkshire, I am still a night owl nothing changes there!

      How are you and the pets today? :)
    20. katie200
      Hi how are you and your pets? Have you had nice weather?
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    August 30
    In the Valley of tranquillity
    Full time Mum/Part time Antique Furniture Restorer
    Hello there!

    I am married with a young daughter and two Springer spaniels - Jasmine & Coco.

    I've always lived with dogs and before we had Jasmine, I had a lovely Border Collie called Kahli who was 18 before she was taken for long walkies in the sky - a fantastically loyal and loving companion - really miss you Kahli xx

    I have been brought up with dogs since a baby and will always have dogs until I am unable to!

    On here to meet loads of new people and learn lots! To have a laugh as well!

    Thank you for reading!

    Meeting people and making friends.
    Dog walking either by myself or with friends with or without dogs. Reading. Cinema.
    I like quite a wide range of music except rap, blues and Jazz.
    Blondie, Fleetwood Mac and Abba are a few of my favourite groups. Having said that, my daughter is introducing me to 'newer' music as she thinks I'm stuck in the 80s' and 90s' era!


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