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Aug 23, 2018
May 30, 2012
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August 30
In the Valley of tranquillity
Full time Mum/Part time Antique Furniture Restorer

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PetForums VIP, from In the Valley of tranquillity

Holtie was last seen:
Aug 23, 2018
    1. Holtie
      Hey there! So glad you had a great time
      Coco is much better now, thank you
      I tend to lurk as well ☺️ I agree, we must keep in touch Hope all is going well for you and that Cali is still being gorgeous as ever
      Take care and I promise to keep in touch -sorry I haven't replied sooner - have been away for half term
      Tuhina xxx
    2. CaliDog
      Sorry for the late reply I have just got back from Lanzarote, I had a great time and relaxed. :)

      Oh no poor coco, hope the wound has healed nicely, must have been so sore, the poor little love.

      I am always on PF, I lurk more than post, but am still around.

      Of course I couldn't forget you, dont be a stranger

    3. Holtie
      Well, first of all, congratulations!! Not long now so make sure you get plenty of rest! Sorry, being bossy!! :D I am so pleased for you and your other half and wish you all the best for the rest of the pregnancy. :)

      Coco ran in to a pointed object which went through her skin and deep in to the muscle. There was a large flap of skin which had to be cut away and the 1.5cm hole stitched up. Her stitches are coming out this coming Friday. :eek:

      Have you been on PF much? Last time was back around February for me!

      Take care and thank you so much for getting in touch! Someone remembers lil' ol' me!! :D

    4. CaliDog
      Hello again, its lovely to have you back :) sorry to hear about your parents.

      Cali is great being a little tinker as always, is coco ok? What has she done? Hope she gets better soon.

      Things are going great over these ways, am pregnant which is very exciting am due in February

    5. CaliDog
      Hi hunny, haven't seen you around for a while hope you and those lovely pooches are ok xx
    6. Ann Elizabeth
      Ann Elizabeth
      Thank you I love them all to bits, started off with Max & Mia then bought Lily, mated Max & Lily who had four pups May last year. Max went to live with my son (who Max has always adored) and his gf and the black & white bitch puppy, I found it strange with just the two big girls here so kept Shoki the liver & white bitch puppy. It's great fun but manic when all 5 get together.
      It was my 1st litter, very exciting, worrying and emotional, hard work but was expecting that, the emotion surprised me, Lily was a great mum, Mia helped out with pups when Lily needed a break, Max went to my sons originally because the girls didn't want him around the puppies!
    7. cheekyscrip
      Thanks ! and hey..when did you disappear from my wall? or am I going bananas?
      Allthe best for you and yours xx Happy New Year in Valley of Tranqulity (wherever that might be! must be great)..x
    8. cheekyscrip
      gosh! Iam now so confused..who areyou?..sounds so familiar? JHolT?
    9. Valanita
      LOL :thumbup:
    10. Valanita
      No I haven't. I've had the flying Kingfisher since I joined. I have changed my siggy tho.:-D
    11. Valanita
      Thank you for my green blobby. :-D
    12. tashi
      Let's hope so, again I find myself apologising as I forgot to do it ! I saw a post from you and it sparked the brain cells, just had to go back to find out what it was you wanted.

      I wonder how long it will take ;)
    13. moggiemum
      haha i tried to catch it was too fast , i'll catch you later:)
    14. moggiemum
      i ll have you know i ve tried to unblock my kitchen ubend 3 times in the middle of the night , now i gotta get the bods out as i got a monster stack of dishes , but i ll try to keep you all amused too , i make myself laugh these days , lol , they havent gotten back to me about mrs kitty yet , we'll see xx
    15. moggiemum
      i love springers too had two when i were younger, love debbie harry , fleetwood mac and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,abba too , hehehe

      i look after my bfs ageing 16yr old gsd cross who is still bouncy hobbling along
      with a zest for life that puts me to shame xx
    16. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep :)
    17. MoggyBaby
      Thank you very much for the rep Holtie, you are far too kind and it is greatly appreciated. xx
    18. Kitty_pig
      hahahahaha thank you very muchly for the rep, I know my way with words is uniquely unique :lol: I love it here, always feel welcome :) hope you're well lovely xxx
    19. cheekyscrip
      thanks for my rep..
    20. GlitterPup
      You're very welcome - Thank you for your lovely compliment!
      I shall upload some more photo's of Ellie later on after our walk :D xx
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  • About

    August 30
    In the Valley of tranquillity
    Full time Mum/Part time Antique Furniture Restorer
    Hello there!

    I am married with a young daughter and two Springer spaniels - Jasmine & Coco.

    I've always lived with dogs and before we had Jasmine, I had a lovely Border Collie called Kahli who was 18 before she was taken for long walkies in the sky - a fantastically loyal and loving companion - really miss you Kahli xx

    I have been brought up with dogs since a baby and will always have dogs until I am unable to!

    On here to meet loads of new people and learn lots! To have a laugh as well!

    Thank you for reading!

    Meeting people and making friends.
    Dog walking either by myself or with friends with or without dogs. Reading. Cinema.
    I like quite a wide range of music except rap, blues and Jazz.
    Blondie, Fleetwood Mac and Abba are a few of my favourite groups. Having said that, my daughter is introducing me to 'newer' music as she thinks I'm stuck in the 80s' and 90s' era!


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