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Dec 14, 2010
Sep 30, 2008
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March 20

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PetForums Member, from Southampton

hollie.hocks was last seen:
Dec 14, 2010
    1. Helbo
      Alfie looks so much like Charlie in some of your pictures :D
    2. adgroom
      i've seen, thanks, i set that up before my wife discovered this site. there was another group i was on with FB (i love beagles) but no one answered any of my posts even with over 4000 members, so i thought id start my own.
      This site is great though....i can see it being our beagle bible !
    3. Ducky
      awww poor boy. doesnt sound like much fun.
      em yes, they do a bit. kody more so really. he is getting a bit possesive with toys and chews, so we are trying to work on that, he is definitely the dominant dog. skye is so laid back and quite submissive, so she lets kody away with a lot of naughtiness. he can be quite nippy with her. we are trying to work on it though.
      i will be nipping over to look for his pic now!! x
    4. eloisajr
      hello ! i will have to add more photos ... alfie is sooo cute - and as a puppy! i only rescued boadie when she was 2 so i never got to see her as a puppy :0(
    5. Ducky
      ohhh congrats! I hope the weather is nice for you. my friend was just at a wedding the other week where a beagle was the ring bearer :) well cute! hope alfie behaves himself hehe. whats been up with him?
      my two are fine. skye is her usual bouncy self. kody is a ball of mischief basically! hes always up to something. keeps me on my toes though!! xx
    6. Ducky
      hey hows u? we need some recent pics of alfie!!! hows he doing? x
    7. chipthebeagle
      Wow!!! what a cutie!!! xxx
    8. tashna69
      Awwww.... Alfie is soooo cute!!! I love the pics. I must put some up of Molly :) Hope hes a good boy
    9. jlon
    10. mydogberyl
      Hi again
      See you're from Southampton. We live in Portsmouth.
    11. mydogberyl
      Hi Hollie
      Not been able to work out how to send a pic of Brenda or put it up as my profile picture. She's 2 now and this weekend I was hoping to breed her but I wasn't happy with the other dogs owner. She wanted one of the puppies rather than the money but her poor dog was so skinny, she said she starves him one day a week so he knows whos boss???? And she has NEVER taken him for a walk. I just didn't feel happy about it. I also have a 7 year old Parsons called Beryl who tolerates Brenda JUST!
    12. nhamblin84
      Hi! Yeah they love playing with each other! he does get a bit over the top sometimes though and tries to dominate her! Their names are Max and Daisy! We have only had them just over a week and he is growing so fast already! x
    13. pocketmonkey
      thanks holly
      your puppy is cute as well i am looking for another puppy at the moment because i do love beagles it took me 8yrs to get my first one and i love him to bits but now i want another because i can give them all my time 24 7 always
    14. pocketmonkey
      thanks holli yours is loverly
    15. pocketmonkey
      hiya my beagle is 7mths and very loving and comes back when i call which is really good for a beagle
    16. Rambo
      Hi hollie.hooks

      Sorry i took so long but my computer has been playing up!

      My beagle (Rambo) is the same colour, i have never had a Beagle before, i am so glad i have him. He is such a lovable dog, loves cuddles and is fantasic with my 5 year old son.

      Do you have any tips for me?
    17. hanwoody
      Hi, I am new here and have a 10 week old beagle. Any tips and advice for when she is growing up xxx
    18. u-look-like-a-hamster
      Happy birthday ^^ Xx
    19. Magdalena
      yes, i love watching them play, at home or outside - they are hilarious!
      regarding the recall while other dogs are around, they are quite good, they love playing with other dogs but never wonder off, i guess they've got each other. i even prefer when they playing with other dogs because i can control them better. it is only when they get bored or catch a sent that they just shoot off and are a bit manic. but they always kind of keep an eye on me and look if i follow them or not.
      do you have problem with Alfie and the recall while other dogs are around? if so, i guess he just like the socializing but not sure how to help it. x
    20. Magdalena
      just wonder how you and Alfie doing? i think that my two 14 months old beagles Lola and Fergie are getting slightly better. last few weeks they've been great in the park, quite well behaved, much calmer, follow me around and come when called. it may be due to the fact that there were hardly any squirrels around which made me think that they just can't help themselves when there is strong scent.
      they are so lovely though, so affectionate and each has it's own personality - so cute.
      how old is Alfie now? He is real cute!
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    March 20
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