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Dec 21, 2015
Mar 12, 2010
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Dec 21, 2015
    1. Paddypaws
      I know you would have made me pay....you are kind, not daft! But it is a PIA to have to get to Post Office etc. Yes, the dosage gives precise info about IU so I know how much to give. Biocare is a really good brand and I buy at wholesale price so its only about £5.
    2. Paddypaws
      Chris...you are so kind to offer to post stuff to me! I have found Biocare Vit E drops which are pure and not expensive so I will order some next week, thanks for the kind offer though.
    3. forgotten~myth
      Well they definately have bite!:lol: xxx
    4. forgotten~myth
      Haha. You obviously feel very strongly about the subject. I sort of agree but then, she is a pretty good actrss in my favourite films...:)
    5. forgotten~myth
      Never noticed:). That might just be because she hates all the attention. xxxx
    6. Paddypaws
      Yuk, loads of fillers.
      OMG, you adjust the amount of Vit E for the kitten as opposed to the cats! Now I feel like an incompetent mother.
      The label on the wheatgerm does not say how much Vit E is in it! Oh it is so complicated!!
    7. forgotten~myth
      Thanks for the rep. What is wrong with Kristen Stewart? They are perfect together!:)
    8. Paddypaws
      Hobbs you are blimmin' amazing! I have been looking for weeks for that stuff! I cant see an ingredients list for the product, but yes, obviously the purer the better.
    9. Paddypaws
      Hey Hobbs, wonder if you and your calculator can help me! I am trying to work out how to dose 50-100 IU of Vitamin E. Now the problem is that I am currently using Holland and Barratt Wheatgerm oil in 1100mg capsules. I am happy to buy another product if you can recommend one.
      Oh and if you know where to get hold of super oxide dismutase I would be very impressed!
    10. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Me prepared :lol: that will be the day just take things as they come :D got to try & do two english setters next after Ive got the others painted :rolleyes: TT's are easy when they behave but its nice to do something different. I cant beleve she's nearly 6 months but then Louie is nearly 1 :scared: if he makes it that far ;) :lol:
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