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Oct 5, 2017
May 2, 2010
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Feb 14, 1994 (Age: 27)
Hatherleigh, Devon

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Shan, Female, 27, from Hatherleigh, Devon

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Oct 5, 2017
    1. tuantrinh12
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    2. Shadowed
      Hello I'm new to this site and interested in what it's got to offer!! :) I have 2 cats and a tortoise called tipsy!! So though this might be good for some advice! :)
    3. Berry Clever
      Berry Clever

      My name is Emma and I am the proud owner of a nearly one year old Cockapoo and the equally proud founder of Berry Clever.

      Berry Clever is a community for pet owners to share recommendations and reviews. I'd love you to take a look and tell me what you think. When you do click on this link and have a chance to win the Nina Ottosson Brick game for dogs. Nina Ottosson's Brick Game...Buddy Tries

      Really looking forward to hearing from you

    4. petloverzz

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    5. DogHeart
      Hi. Come and join our community DogsHeartFoundation.com send this message to all animal lovers to save a soul.
    6. petforumuser
      You have many posts mate. I like your checkered border as it were. I'm going to do that too if it is okay with you. Cheers. Your cat is very pretty.
    7. Joyce Tse
      Joyce Tse
      This is Joyce Tse from Guangzhou Winner Exhibition Corporation.
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    8. danielled
      How are you.
    9. MicRighteousFan
      What a cute cat you have, i have a cat too, her name is Susie but my housemate calls her Pouchy..... how are you and your cat?
    10. Catleesi
      What a cute cat you have!!! What age is she? xx
    11. danielled
      How are you.
    12. colliemerles
      happy birthday
    13. Rolacolacube
      Officially we split up months ago, went public about it in Oct but we live together so it's difficult. He has been spending alot of time away with his family recently though and told me he was confused about what he wants but I don't think I could go back now....i've been hurt too much. He came back for 10 days in Dec and went back to his family on 22nd Dec. Not sure if he is coming back tbh as he doesn't want to live here anyway. He doesn't work at the mo so i'm paying for everything anyway.

      By creepiness I mean the things the men suggest on there. I'm not a prude and I love having a good old chat and made some decent friends on there but there was some that tried to take advantage of my friendliness shall I say ?!

      Not so much sad memories as I have an entire flat that does that for me lol. I've never really loved the PS3 so when he officially does move, he will take it with him anyway.

      Happy new year to you too hun. Have a wonderful night. Stay safe and have lots of fun xx
    14. Rolacolacube
      Considering i'm usually a rom com kinda girl, I love the walking dead. I haven't watched most of the new series (got it recorded) as me and my ex used to watch it and as he isn't here, I won't watch it alone lol. I'd never played spyro up until a couple of weeks ago when my ex introduced me to it. We downloaded it on the ps store and completed the 1st one in 2 days and moved on to the 2nd. Haven't played anymore of it since he left. I've never played assassins creed !!

      I used to play the xbox alot and I mean ALOT but it got too much and there was too much creepiness on it. When I got with my ex, he loved the ps3 so we stuck to that but without him, I don't think i'll ever play it tbh xx
    15. Rolacolacube
      Don't worry. I swear like a trooper lol !! I used to always play COD WaW more than anything else as I loved zombies lol. Recently i've been enjoying the classics (Spyro in particular lol). I don't game as much as I did though for a variety of reasons :( :( xx
    16. Rolacolacube
      Lol I know tell me about it :rolleyes: :D xx
    17. Rolacolacube
      I know tell me about it. He used to hint that I wasn't the sort of girl that should have tattoos which meant I wasn't thin enough lol.

      And you're welcome lol xx
    18. Rolacolacube
      Lol I get really peed off when people tell me not to do something especially if it isn't exactly going to cause anyone any harm!! My previous ex said he would never date any one with tattoos (I had 1 at the time). I had another 3 whilst we were together lol. He said with each tattoo, I became more ugly !! Since we split up, he suddenly loves tattoos and has had atleast 1 already *sigh* lol xx
    19. Rolacolacube
      Oooooooh yes....I could be a trendsetter lol !! Mine are definitely not love quotes lol although I do have love tattooed on the side of my hand. My ex kept telling me not to have it but I really wanted it so thought f-it !! lol. I never had any problems with my tongue piercing during or after i'd had it done xx ooooooh a tortie thread :) :) xx
    20. Rolacolacube
      I hope they do but i'm not counting on it. They've obviously not been asked for it before so not sure it would be worth them training for it ?! Haha a good ole slag tag eh....or tramp stamp lol !! I'm one for divvy quotes....I fell out with a 'friend' of mine who told me that one of my tattoos would be the biggest mistake of my life etc etc and I shouldn't have it done...I dumped the friend and got the tattoo lol. I have 'confusion is the way forward' (the one i'm meant to regret but don't - it sums me up perfectly as I literally spend my life confused lol) and 'I'm not weird, i'm quirky'. Must admit that nipple piercings have never floated my boat so to speak but then again, people say that about tongue piercings lol. I love how everyone is different :D :)

      I need to see more pics of Ivy !! xx
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    Feb 14, 1994 (Age: 27)
    Hatherleigh, Devon
    I'm into;

    The unusual/unheard of

    : - )


    "I didn't type that...it was the cat!"
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