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hazel pritchard
Last Activity:
Apr 19, 2015
Jun 28, 2009
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hazel pritchard

PetForums VIP, from Essex

hazel pritchard was last seen:
Apr 19, 2015
    1. Dogless
      Thank you for the rep; hope that you're well. How's Jack these days? xx
    2. Adrian 99
      Adrian 99
      Hi Hazel.
      Have found the contact details will phone them tomorrow.
    3. Adrian 99
      Adrian 99
      Hello Hazel.
      We knew Keith and Jane many years ago when they were in the hall, at westcliff, and lived off The Chase i do not know where they are now the old hall is a Mosque.
      We have just got a Puppy, after many years being Dogless, and would like to start Training again, might even win some Certificates, we still have our old ones somewhere.
      The last time i saw Keith & Jane they had just got a Horse i think, and Keith was Window Cleaning down the High Street.
      I left my Number on Facebook but here it is again if you could pass it on 07903048952.
    4. lostbear
      This may be useful to you to find a local practitioner
      Find Practitioners, Teachers, Courses, Links - UK Reiki Federation
    5. Dogless
      Thank you for your rep; 4 sleeps until Jack is home all being well x.
    6. willa
      Oh gosh such a worrying time for you all :(

      Wish you all well xx
    7. willa
      How's little Oliver ?
    8. asher
      Got the wrong person x_x
    9. northnsouth
      Hazel your gandchildren are such lookers! What a thing for them to experience..
    10. catlover0581
      is it just me, or are you thinking 'troll' too?! lol
    11. willa
      Ta for ur comment on my thread. That other comment was well nasty :(.
      How long has ur son been in the army for ?
    12. lozb
      Awwwwwwwwww... that picture you've just posted has made me go 'Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww' a LOT........ beautiful... :) :) :) xxx
    13. gemcml
      Yeah I'm told it is welsh too. I am in London.
      Its funny really as its a fairly common name if you look on the social networking sites like facebook. But still have to say hello if i see another pritchard because it still feels very rare to see! :)
    14. gemcml
      just wanted to say hi, simply because you have the same surname as me ;)
      Keep seeing you around on the forum, most probably because the name keeps drawing my attention lol, so just thought i would say hello :)
    15. Dogless
      All much better thanks; took a break for a few days. Hope all OK with you too? xxx
    16. ldr
      Hi Hazel, thanks for the friend request. I'm only just figuring out the forum; I didn't even know you could do friend requests until I got yours, so you're my first friend :D
    17. leashedForLife
      Hazel, there seems to have been a misunderstanding on the
      'Agility - what's this' thread, as G-dad is on my IGNORE-list i quoted
      his post via Ur own quote of it, as see -
      Originally Posted by grandad - bold added -
      Courtesy of hazel pritchard -

      so U did not post it - U quoted another's post [G-dad's], & i referenced U both.
      since it is locked, i cannot post right now to clarify, but i doubt very much others
      think i am quoting YOU - it's pretty apparent IMO that i'm quoting G-dad. :001_smile:
    18. lizzyboo
      hi hazel......... we have a westie. what sort have you got? where in stanway do you
      live. we are in prettygate x
    19. lizzyboo
      hi hazel... just thought id drop you a note to say hi and thanks for the friend request. xx
    20. leashedForLife
      caption 35 - lets laugh! - Pet Forums Community :D
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